rest isn’t about sleeping as much as it is about having peace

3 Tips to help strong-willed children rest better

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Do your strong-willed children rest well? (Do pigs fly?) “Please take a nap.” I whispered to my little girl, rubbing her back. She stubbornly crossed her arms while sitting up in bed. Stuffed animals lined the wall, and her brow was furrowed. The special mermaid blanket and purple pillow cocooned her. The sounds of waves from the sound machine played softly. …

Make family prayer central in 3 practical and simple ways. Do you find it hard to fit in prayer time with your kids? Teaching children to pray isn't hard!

Make family prayer central in 3 simple ways

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We all want to make family prayer central, right? We want our kids to grow up praying naturally and feeling the closeness of Jesus. But wanting it and making it happen are two very different things. It’s normal to want our kids to turn to Jesus naturally and to know His comfort. But life is so busy. It’s hard enough …

Seeking God's will for your life

Seeking God’s will for your life and how to find it

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Are you seeking God’s will for your life? A mom often finds herself in seasons of transition, wondering what to do.  Worry over questions like, “How do I rear my child in this phase?”, “Should I homeschool?”, and, “What can I do to help with income” leap to the foreground.  So what’s the best way to decide? Seeking God’s will …

5 wisdom verses to pray for decision making.Grab hold of these life truths from Scripture and choose God's best pathway for you. Grow our faith, Lord!

5 wisdom verses to pray for decision making

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Wisdom verses.  There are specific Scriptures we can pray  that point to the answers we seek. I’m so excited to welcome my good friend Deb back to the blog.  Deb is like a mentor to me.  She’s an inspiring mama, lover of words, God, and people.  And one thing I love about her is the wisdom she imparts. In this …

Daily Encouragement: 3 “joy sparks” to revive your spirit

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For after you’ve yelled at the kids, berated the dog, and cracked your favorite coffee mug slamming it into the kitchen sink (instead of setting it down – you know, because that coffee is COLD now due to the kids, the dog, and the time it took to yell at the kids and the dog). How do I know? Been there. So has my friend, Marva, from SunSparkleShine (who incidentally lived through last fall’s horrendous hurricanes in the BVI). Girlfriend knows a thing or two about joy. 🙂