Bible study of the month challenge

12 Fantastic Bible Study Systems for busy moms

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Sign up today! Bible Study “Bible study systems for busy moms?” You say. If you’re like me, you’re still figuring out goals for the year, but somewhere on that list is maintaining consistent time in the Word. Let’s face it – moms are BUSY.  We don’t have time to fool around.  And because of that, we get so overwhelmed we just… …

why we fail to achieve goals and how to rock your year

Why we fail to achieve goals & how to rock the new year

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Why we fail to achieve goals…ever wonder that? I whispered this prayer on a Saturday morning in early December, seeking to prioritize my new year goals: Father, I thank you for what I’ve endured this year, because you’ve shown me where to start next year. The first reason we fail to achieve goals If you’re like me, you’ve got plenty …

Top 10 ultimate Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round

10 ultimate Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round

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  Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round The day of my wedding, my mind raced with anticipation.  Not because of the wedding night (silly), but because of my mom’s long-awaited promise of: The Bestowal of Our Beloved Betty Crocker Cookbook. Not hers, mind you.  Oh heavens, no.  She got hers in an unairconditioned country church the summer of 1961. …

Keeping Christmas simple; how to plan intentional family activities and simplify advent celebrations to fit your family. Printables. #simplyChristmas

Keeping Christmas simple; how to plan intentional family activities

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Today’s special guest and sweet friend, Keri Syder, shares what she’s learned about keeping Christmas simple.  Keri is a young mama of 3 rambunctious kiddos, yet her constant focus is on living intentionally with joy.  I love that!  And I know you’re going to love her fantastic ideas for how to simply enjoy Christmas with your family this year. How …

5 War Room prayers for strong-willed children. How to pray daily for kids when you're at a loss because it seems you're not getting through.

War Room Prayers for Strong-Willed Children

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Do you ever wonder what to say in your prayers for strong-willed children?  Defeated, I sat on the kitchen floor in a pile of tears.  Our day, which was supposed to be a fun time together, was reduced to tantrums, yelling, and lots of tears. Yet if I am honest, I recognize that this place of frustration and heartbreak is …

Husband traveling for work? 7 ways to keep romance alive. Spice up your marriage and keep intimacy in the forefront with this timeless advice.

Husband traveling for work? 7 ways to keep romance alive

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Is your husband traveling for work?  Boy do I feel ya, sis.  During our nearly 32 years of marriage, I recall a 6-month stent when his work didn’t require him to travel.  Where’s my medal?! Anyway, now that the kids have flown the coop, I travel more with him, but responsibilities still prevent my leaving – caregiving, babysitting, general home …

rest isn’t about sleeping as much as it is about having peace

3 Tips to help strong-willed children rest better

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Do your strong-willed children rest well? (Do pigs fly?) “Please take a nap.” I whispered to my little girl, rubbing her back. She stubbornly crossed her arms while sitting up in bed. Stuffed animals lined the wall, and her brow was furrowed. The special mermaid blanket and purple pillow cocooned her. The sounds of waves from the sound machine played softly. …