31 Hats Mom Wears

Oh, the hats mom wears! Do you feel like you play a dozen different roles in a day?

Taxi driver




Indian chief

(just kidding on that last one – but then again, maybe you’ve got a tribe of wild Indians running around).

31 hats mom wears and how to balance them all. #31hats #momhats #hats #hatsmomwears

Why you need it

These are your roles.  The many hats you wear throughout a day, a year, throughout the lives of your children.

How you choose to wear these hats determines how well you carry out each particular role.

I’m here to help you do it better.IMG_1329-755298

I’ve raised four children who are almost all out of the nest.  I’m also a Gigi.

And I’ve got some answers for how to wear those hats.


The only hat I usually wear is a sun visor, and that’s when I’m at the beach.  It protects my face from harmful sun rays (so I don’t get age spots, see), but it doesn’t mash down my hair.

That’s what I hate about hats.  They mash my hair.

And yet, I’ve been wearing hats for 26 years now.

The day I became a mom, I put on a hat.

The mom hat.


Throughout the years, that mom hat has transitioned many times.

The mom hat is always on, whether I’ve got the sun visor or not.

That hat is kind of like a sombrero.  It’s so big, you can fit about 31 hats underneath it.

Those are the hats I’m talking about; the hats mom wears.


A few examples

In this series I’m digging into my trunk and trying on all the hats.

Hmmm…let me see.

Oh, here’s the  nurse’s cap – that was one of the first hats I used.  The first time my little baby girl sneezed, I put it on.  It was a worrisome hat, I didn’t like it, and I’m not necessarily a good nurse AT ALL (ask my kids).

However, I learned early on that I was going to wear several hats I hadn’t planned in the bargain of being mom.


Ah, I see the teacher cap there too.  Those homeschool years were hard, but oh, they were full of joy, too!


And here’s the baseball cap.  Ack.  I don’t even DO sports, but when you have a son, you have to throw a ball now and then – and watch a LOT of it.


Read all about the hats mom wears

That’s all I’m digging through right now.  Below, we’ll dig deeper into the meaning of each hat and see how we can wear it more efficiently!

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Day 1: The nurse’s cap – how to be a good nurse to your kids

Day 2: The chef’s hat – 6 practical tips for feeding your tribe

Day 3: The Sports Hat – How to create balance and support

Day 4: The Referee Hat – 7 rules to make sound calls

Day 5: The Taxi Hat – How to make memories in the car

Day 6: The Kentucky Derby Hat – How to guide her inner fashionista

Day 7: The Fire Helmet – Remaining alert to potential fire hazards

Day 8: The helmet of salvation – rocking the chic armor ensemble

Day 9: The Cowboy Hat – 6 ways to keep a watchful eye on your herd

Day 10: The nightcap – 6 ways to reclaim your sleep – plus a sleepwalker bonus

Day 11: The Pilgrimi Hat – How to create a family map

Day 12: The Party Hat – How to celebrate simply

Day 13: The Ringmaster Hat – How to run your own circus (and join in the fun)

Day 14: The Graduation Cap – How to choose an educational route for your kids

Enter to win!

Day 15: The Sherlock cap – 6 clues to solving sneaky behavior

Day 16: The Santa Cap – 6 ways to plan your family traditions

Day 17: The Bicycle Helmet – A parent’s adventure from riding to driving

Day 18: The Rock Climbing Helmet – Belay your fears and seize opportunity

Day 19: The Captain’s Hat – How to chart a course for your child’s future

Day 20: The Hard Hat – 5 resources for hurting parents

Day 21: The Gilligan Hat – How to escape the island and save your sanity

Day 22: The money hat – 5 habits to create a debt-free lifestyle

Day 23: The Janitor Cap – Reality check for the neat freak

Day 24: The thinking cap – how to make wise decisions amidst every-day mayhem

Day 25: The Safari Hat – How to survive life with critters

Day 26: The Swim Cap – 5 ways to sneak in exercise and still have a life

Day 27: The Mechanic Cap: Simple tips to keep the family car functional

Day 28: The Shower Cap: Practical beauty tips and wisdom for life

Day 29: The Painter’s Cap: 4 things to consider before a home improvement project

Day 30: The Easter Bonnet: The number one reason for moms to celebrate the resurrection

Day 31: The Re-cap: Why it’s ok if you don’t wear every hat well





The only other hat I wear – a gift from my daughter for Mother’s Day the year we took a trip out west and stayed at a Yogi Bear campground in Sioux City, Iowa. (Pay no attention to the crazies behind me – no idea who they are.)


{Pssst!  Hey mom!  If you have any mom hats you’d like to throw in the ring, give me a holler and I’ll add them to the list!  You can send me a note here, or just leave a comment on my home page (click here) – I’m open to suggestions!)

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