7 days to the wedding and mom’s reflections

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6/2/12 8:12 Saturday morning.

It’s a beautiful day – sun is bright, color in full bloom, fresh from yesterday’s rain.  Jim just left for his mom’s to get a tractor to dig my Japenese Maple tree out of the back yard and relocate it before our deck addition next week. (Yes, I said next week.  We are building a back deck the week of the wedding – why not.)

Next week.  This time next Saturday morning I will be dressed and ready to take the girls to their hair appointments before the wedding.  This house will be a flurry of activity (including one extra bridesmaid), all our preparations about to come to fruition.

It has been the longest 8 months of our lives.  Especially the last month – that one took about 4 years.  The sooner the wedding day approaches, the longer it takes.  Hey, that’s a great quote – I’m using that one on facebook!!!

Ok, it’s not that bad – the first 6 months were fun.  Then came Hayley’s graduation and spring went nuts.

Anyway, I am so excited for Taryn to begin her new life!  She is SO ready to be married, independant, have her own home and family.  She has proven herself fit for the task with her brand new 8 week old job at the hospital.  She has pulled up her big girl panties and attacked the task with zest.  It’s not for the faint of heart – nurse clerk – you pretty much are the hub of activity, what with entering orders, paging doctors, and attempting to read their handwriting.

Our job is almost done – she is ready to fly.

The wedding will be beautiful, well attended, and full of people we love – both family and friends.  It seems everyone has been waiting for Taryn to marry – almost as much as we have!  As people observe herself and Andy together, they can’t help but notice the true quality of love shared between them.  This is the “real McCoy” – whatever that means (let’s hope it has nothing to do with the “Hatfields and McCoys” television series we’ve been watching all week, that is NO example to follow!).  Anyway, it has been brought to our attention by more than a few quality people that they are a worthy couple, and folks have truly shown their overwhelming support through gifts, cards, and words of encouragement. We even had a sweeper appear on our doorstep one day!  In the words of our pastor upon completion of their marriage counseling, “They are a solid couple, I don’t even detect any red flags.” 

Of course they will have their troubles, I would be naive to think otherwise.  There will be times of adjustment and re-adjustment along the way.  But we know that God is faithful and will make a way, as He has done for us in our own marriage.

All of our work for the past 8 months will show on June the ninth.  From the florist to the photographer, the pastor to the reception coordinator, all have been prepped, informed, and ready.  All plans are in place.

All the fiascos – two different cake preparers, 3 reception relocations, 3 different program printings, 3 takes on the Mother-of-the-Bride (MOB) dress, and a few more small annoyances -the “third time’s a charm” seemed an overwhelming theme throughout the process.

250 bubbles tied in pink and ivory ribbon.  250 tiny two piece favor boxes assembled, stuffed with 500 candies, and tied up in ribbon (with more than a few ribbon redos).

250 bullatins to fold, 2 bridesmaid dresses to steam and one very long, full wedding dress complete with train (I’m going to have so much fun finding a place to hang that).

All hair has been trimmmed and  hilighted – manicures and pedicures to come.

And none of this includes the construction of the happy couple’s house!  All the trips to Lowe’s, the phone calls, paint, floor and cabinet selection – let’s not go there.

We’re going to enjoy this day to it’s fullest.  We’ve done our job – from rearing this kid to producing her dream wedding.  All with God’s help.  And now, it’s time to let her go.  Let God work.  A new chapter.  We’re ready.


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