8 humorous parenting lessons from sewing 101

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8 humorous parenting lessons from sewing 101; tailoring your family accordingly and learning to roll with the stitches. Why parenting doesn't always look like you dreamed.


Dear mom, how’s that parenting gig workin’ out for ya?  Everything going according to plan?  No?

Funny how that works…

I’m teaching my daughters to sew this summer.

It is kicking our collective butts.

However, we are spending lots of qt together (experiencing a series of unfortunate events resulting in several do-overs).

Good thing it’s summer and we have lots of time for that.

By the way, how are you bonding with your kids this season?  Be thinking about it–the season will be gone before you know it!  Don’t miss the summer of ’16!


The following presents a description of our sewing 101 process.  Prepare to be amazed alarmed.


Displaying IMG_4128.JPGDisplaying IMG_4128.JPGDisplaying IMG_4128.JPGStep-by-step humorous sewing lessons:

1.)  Pick pattern, pore over lovely fabrics, select material for both daughters

Sewing picking material

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2.)  Cut out corresponding patterns–one “A”, and one “E”

Sewing cutting pattern

3.)  Cut material, marking all circles, triangles, arrows, and other quasi-Egyptian hieroglyphic-like symbols

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

 4.)  Return to fabric store for another yard of fabric for daughter #1 due to cutting on fold (not pictured)

5.)  Return to fabric store for another yard of fabric for daughter #2 due to cutting front hem 5 inches too short

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

6.)  Approach actual sewing machine (Day 4)

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

7.)  Stitch neckline (only her second attempt at the machine–great job!)

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

8.)  Introduce seam ripper due to pocket being accidentally sewn shut

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Sewing top of dress

And that’s all we’ve accomplished so far.

Speaking of humorous mishaps, this presents “sew” much material relating to the world of parenting.



Step-by-step humorous parenting lessons:

1.)  Plan for baby.  Ooh and ahh over tiny pink clothes, strollers, and baby gear.  Welcome general euphoria regarding parental ambitions over impending arrival of said cherub.

2.)  Baby arrives.  Undergo sporadic sleep, seek to find some semblance of pattern.  Fret over crying sources (gas, hunger, gas, sleep, gas, gas, and gas).  Purchase gas drops just in case.

{NOTE: Whether gas drops actually help, or pharmacies just make a mint on bottled water–yet to be determined.  Parents have been asking this question for years.}

3.)  If there are siblings, thinking for two (or more) becomes a stretch.  Pattern “A” does not equal Pattern “E”.  Seek regrouping techniques and discipline accordingly.

4.)  Begin to question logic of starting a family.

5.)  Seek to survive “hazy days” of little sleep and littler food.  

6.)  Emerge from “hazy days”, envisioning moving forward with the little people

7.)  Discover that even with Pattern “A” and Pattern “B”, many variations exist; seek counsel and commit to long haul.


If any of this sounds familiar at all, welcome to parenthood.  The fruit of your labor may not “materialize” until much later, but stop to admire your work along the way (and possibly rip out a stray seam or two).

Oh, and one last thing:

8.)  Take time for giggles every day–your charges will have you in stitches, making the allowance worth the effort.

Capture the joy, dear mom!


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Belinda from LiveLiveWithYourKids.com is a seasoned mom such as myself and has MUCH wisdom to offer!  This blog post is quite possibly my favorite yet of hers, because it hits home with me on so many levels.  It’s so easy to place our own expectations on our kids in the talent arena, yet we must study them in various settings in order to discover their own passions!


5 ways to Encourage your Kid’s Talents to Grow


 “Parents can get frustrated that their child isn’t passionate about anything and they see this as apathy or laziness. But that may not be the case – maybe your child is one who has a broad base of interests.  Once again this is a heart adjustment for parents – it isn’t about our child being a master of his chosen area – but rather that he can grow to be fulfilled and purposeful.  We have a disdain for the ordinary life – and yet the ordinary, everyday life is where God meets us, and where God calls us to meet with others.  This is our life.”

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  1. Thanks for highlighting my post on encouraging our kids talents Ruthie. This idea was so central to keeping balance in our homeschool days – I knew we covered so much learning when I allowed time for my kids to work on the things that interested them.

    1. Post

      You’re so welcome, friend! You’ve got so much knowledge under your belt, I’m tickled to see you sharing! We have so much in common – wish we could meet one day! 🙂

  2. Sewing! You are one brave mom and grandmother! I remember actually learning to sew from my grandma. (My own mom was probably too chicken to try to teach me, a girl with two left hands.) Yes, we’d better be seeing the humor in things. Because laughter always helps. 🙂

    1. Post

      You too? Yeah, I fear I’m giving my daughters a negative view of sewing, possibly. But we are having good laughs from it, at any rate! Thanks for stopping by, friend!

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