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Today is my birthday.  My birthday always falls during the first week of gun season.  My husband is a hunter.  This presents a problem – for him.

In “RuthieandJimGray, the Early Years”, he either stayed home for my birthday, or drove back home to celebrate with me.  Something happened somewhere along the way and he decided it would be ok if he gave me gifts before my birthday and then left.  I guess I really am getting old, because for the most part, this does not annoy me anymore.  Well, maybe a little.

Don’t get me wrong – my girls made a big deal of my day (the son is hunting with dad), a homemade cake, lunch (on them), gifts, wonderful cards, hugs and many expressions of their love.  My parents had dinner with us complete with gifts and a witty card picked out by dad – it’s so great to have them almost back to normal and in relatively good health!  It has been a good day!

It was Jim’s idea to take me to pick out new exercise clothes from the new Dick’s Sporting Good’s in town, and I absolutely adore that place.  He took me to a nice Japense Grill for dinner over the weekend, and we came home, popped popcorn, and rented a movie (all the kids were gone). 

This morning he posted a “Happy Birthday to the greatest woman ever” on our facebook wall.  I’m assuming he did this from his tree stand, because the post said 5:03 AM. Proof that the deer did not come before the wife.

He called me later and told me to go up to his night stand and look inside – he had stashed my cards there.  Yes, I said cards.  He always gets me two – one funny, one serious.  This is his policy on every occasion – anniversary, Valentine’s, birthday. 

I guess I’m a lucky girl after all, huh?  He never forgets any dates, always is prepared with gifts and cards – that’s more than most wives can say.

Next year November 21 is on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  He always comes home on that day anyway, so it’s safe to say we will celebrate my birthday together.  Because he is coming home that morning, I already decided.  He can just hurry up and get his deer on Monday or Tuesday, pack up Tuesday night, and leave at 5:03 AM for his real “dear”.

Yep, can’t wait to tell him the plan for next year.  I think he’s gonna like it…or else!!!

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