actually achieve godly goals gain victory

How to actually achieve godly goals and gain victory

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How to actually achieve godly goals and gain victory; motivation and inspiration for setting long term personal life goals.

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I know you’re up to your eyeballs in wrapping paper and Christmas program practice, along with regular life stuff you’re trying to pull off.

But hang with me here for a sec.

Have you paused to think what your goals will look like for the new year?  

My number one goal is ALWAYS the same: maintain an exercise regimen and lose weight.


But I get a kick out of a new start.  A clean slate, so to speak.  Do you?

In the midst of helter-skelter December life, I want to slow down and set some other goals for the New Year too.

And I am thrilled to present to you one way I’m seeking to achieve those goals – and so can you.

What if it could be different this time?

How many years have you wished to achieve a certain goal, but every season you tried, you failed?

Hold up.

Did you know that Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before successfully inventing the light bulb?

Bill Gates was a Harvard drop out who co-founded a failing business called, “Traf-O-Data”.

After his first film, Harrison Ford was told he simply didn’t “have what it takes” to make it in the acting world.

Albert Einstein turned four before he could speak, and seven before he could read.  Parents and teachers thought he was mentally handicapped, and he was later expelled from school.

Charles Shultz, of Charlie Brown fame, had every cartoon he submitted rejected by the high school yearbook staff, and was later rejected for a position he applied for to work with Walt Disney.

For more depressing facts with inspiring outcomes, visit this link.

Thomas Edison failed over 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb. Don't give up! Click To Tweet

Don’t give up just yet.

This new year, I’m taking part Grace Goals.   It’s a brand new series written by a friend of mine, geared toward achieving our goals with Christ, instead of in our own strength!

She implemented these goals using herself as a guinea pig last year, and here is a list of what she achieved:

-trained for a half-marathon

-changed her family’s diet to real food

-launched an online course for bloggers (of which I’m a participant – it changed my whole blogging approach!)

-completed several writing projects

Pretty impressive, huh?

“Let’s face it, fleshly techniques and worldly wisdom aren’t enough to accomplish true change.

Furthermore, willing yourself into action or task mastering will only take you so far.

When you learn how to access the strength God provides, however, you are truly ready to experience life transformation.” ~ Arabah Joy, founder of Grace Goals

Grace GoalsThis course is chock full of rich Scripture passages and goal-oriented worksheets.

 You can order the series and begin any time (I have)!

> >Learn why grace is the enablment you need
>> Begin to recognize and appropriate grace in your daily life
>> Set practical, godly goals
>> Be confident of God’s favor and power in your endeavors
>> Develop a doable, personal plan for change
>> Receive encouragement in the Facebook group (optional!)

What is this method of goal setting?

1)Grace Goals is $37.00

2)Grace Goals is a digital download – once you purchase online, you will receive it online.

3)A comprehensive 48 page notebook with 5 mini-workshops

4)Printables from each workshop

5)Invitation to join the Grace Goals Facebook group (completely optional, but great for accountability, intraction, and support!  (I’m also a part of this group – I’ll be cheering you on!)

“If you’ve ever wished you could “do better,” throw off besetting sin or live up to your full potential in Christ, Grace Goals is for you.” ~Arabah Joy, Author of Grace Goals

Make this year your best year yet

Last year I set some goals for myself that I did achieve, and do you know how I did it?

By the grace of God and relying on His Word to see me through.

Even before I discovered Grace Goals, I experienced part of it.

I can’t wait to see what God does when I implement this tool!

Last  year, I had four main goals (ok, besides the healthy stuff):

1.Read through the Bible a second time

2.Be intentional about posting consistently on the blog

3.Minister to others through the blog

4.Grow my joy

Throughout the year, I followed this incredible woman named Arabah Joy.  I knew she was the real deal, encouraging other women through her blog.  Her sound, Biblical, practical wisdom became a source of inspiration as I traveled the blogging path.

Then, she opened up a Christian Blogger’s  Bootcamp, and I immediately joined.

That decision alone resulted in the growth of my blog farther than I could have even imagined in 2015!

But more importantly, it became a much farther reaching encouragement to many women and moms out there battling the front lines and striving to achieve joy in their parenting endeavors!

This, in turn, achieved my last goal, which was growing my joy.

As a result of this course, I:

1.Came to regularly post on the blog 3 times per week

2.Developed a vision and mission for my blog

3.Moved my blog to self-hosting and developed my own new blog

4.Reached more moms with this ministry

5.Grew my joy

6.Read through the Bible a second time

Grace Goals

Click to join now!

Maybe your goal isn’t to have a blog.  Maybe it’s to

be more intentional about keeping your home clean

develop a regular exercise routine (ahem)

de-clutter your home

spend more time each week ministering to friends or family

send more encouraging notes in the mail

overcome a particular sin or bad habit.

Whatever your goals, this can help you accomplish them.  You see, underlying each physical goal is usually a spiritual need.

Discover your spiritual needs, meet them head on with Scripture, and achieve your goals for 2019.

What do you think, mom?

If you’re tired of facing the same goal over and over again, isn’t it worth $37.00 to see a change?

I’d say that’s a pretty great deal, especially since you’ll be reaping eternal rewards in the process!

For more information, click here.  It’s Arabah Joy’s personal blog site and she explains it all in detail.

When you’re ready to commit, click any of the “Buy now” buttons on her sight (I will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you)!

Let’s do this, shall we?  See you soon in Grace Goals!

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  1. Oh you’re way ahead of me, Ruthie! I haven’t gotten around to even THINKING about 2016! But I am on day 5 with 30 Days of yoga! 🙂 Doing it with my daughter. And I also want to go to self-hosted for my blog. Can you believe I haven’t done that yet, and it’s really scaring me. I’ll have to do it myself. I. can. do. this. Blessings to you as you pursue God and the goals He gives you!

    1. Post

      Good for you with that Yoga! I used to do Yoga with my girls too, I think we laughed more than we worked lol. And don’t be scared. If I did it, you can certainly do it! I’ll help you any way I can. I use Bluehost, but some prefer other hosts. I also know a great beginner course for building that is free certain times a year – that’s what I used. Every step of the way, God put someone in my path to lead me to the next level! He was so faithful – you can do it! 🙂

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