9 Ways to become a better mom this summer - how 9 tips from Scripture can help you harness your emotions and build stronger bonds with your kids. #mom #bettermom #summer #emotions #overwhelm #frazzled mom

9 ways to become a better mom and conquer messy emotions

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Is it actually possible to become a better mom when kids are constantly underfoot?

9 ways to become a better mom this summer and conquer messy emotions

9 ways to become a better mom and conquer messy emotions

Do you know those times when you feel all pressed in?

Ahh, summertime!  Ya loved it as a kid; not so much as a mama.  Kids underfoot all day means constant feedings, fightings, and fraying of (mom’s) nerves.  Water gun fights, ice cream, and sticky floors.  Laundry for dayyyyyyzzzzz.

Matter of fact, that goes for anytime kids are underfoot – not just summer.

How ’bout winter when the snow piles and school is cancelled for {gulp} five.days.in.a.row.  Plus, you’ve lost power and the water line freezes and bursts.

Are you depressed yet?

Listen, I know what it’s like.  You really do love your kids.  You look forward to extra time with them.

But let’s face facts – annoyances materialize with constant traffic in and out, bickering, and whining, “I’m boreddddd”!


She’s gonna blow sooner or later.  And by “she”, I mean WE.

So here are nine suggestions to help you keep your act together.  They’re actually Biblical, so I know they work!

9 Ways to become a better mom

(and conquer messy emotions!)

1.)  Love

Love puts a spin on perspective and calms our stressed-out minds because when we really look at what matters most?  It’s not how many checks are on our to-do lists.

It’s about relationships.  And, it’s about building strong families who love Jesus.  And in order for them to love Jesus?

To become a better mom, I must emulate Christ’s love.


2.)  Joy

Capturing joy in everyday moments doesn’t come easily.  (In fact, that’s my tag line for this blog.) A joyful attitude lightens our load tremendously.  We may still have to scrub one thousand fingerprints off the back glass door, but maybe – just maybe – if we do it joyfully?

They’ll either come off faster, or it’ll seem like it doesn’t take as long.  A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance!  (Proverbs 15:13a)


3.)  Peace

Peace is the undercurrent that carries the soul forward, even on troubled waves.  When your kid misjudges and slips on the diving board, resulting in an ER visit, peace keeps you calm and focused.  You can become a better mom by practicing the peace that passes all understanding.

9 Ways to become a better mom this summer - how 9 tips from Scripture can help you harness your emotions and build stronger bonds with your kids. #mom #bettermom #summer #emotions #overwhelm #frazzled mom

You can become a better mom by practicing peace.

4.)  Patience

So you’re at the pool, chatting with actual mom friends your age, when,

“Mom!  Mom!  Oh, MOM!  HEY MOM!!!”

“Watch this BACKFLIP, mom!”

“Hey MOM! Watch me stand on my head in the water!”

“MOOOOOMMMM!! Wheres the FOOD?!?”

I get it.  Boy, do I get it.

But they are kids.  And they are excited.  And it is summer.

Keeping this in mind will help you suffer LONG, my friend. (Get it?  Longsuffering?)

Patience helps you become a better mom.


5.)  Kindness

Ever answered the phone mid-yell?  Bet you changed your tone really fast, didn’t you?  Why do we treat others – including people we DON’T KNOW – with kindness. reserving a hateful tone for our tribe?

Kindness breeds kindness.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids helped each other apply sunscreen or pass out snacks?

This summer (or winter, if you live in Colorado), you’ll become a better mom if you check your tone before speaking or reacting.


6.)  Goodness

Jesus fed multitudes when he was exhausted. (5,000, to be exact.)  He extended the hand of friendship to sinners.  And he always had time for little ones.  Another term for goodness is hospitality.

I know – I KNOW kids take advantage of this.  We shouldn’t let them run over us, but we can extend grace – even when the masses hunger.

9 ways to become a better mom and control messy emotions

7.)  Faith

Do you doubt that God can actually hone goodness, kindness, patience, peace, joy, and love in your actions?  There’s grace for that.  For by grace are you saved through faith – the gift of God.  And grace for grace. (John 1:16)

You see, God gives grace by giving us faith.  And that faith grows through His grace.

Meeting with God in the early hours before your kids rise, after bedtime prayers, or possibly sandwiched in between bathroom visits (behind locked doors) will grow your faith.

Be intentional about it – decide now when you will have time with the Lord each day this summer. This is the key to helping you become a better mom.


8.)  Gentleness

Instead of jerking your kid back from raiding the ‘fridge for the 27th time this morning, why not lovingly scoop him up and nuzzle his neck instead? Or firmly, but not angrily, say, “Lunchtime is just around the corner – do you want to help fix it?” There are ways to correct gently and times when it is fitting.

Especially if you’ve been yelling all morning.


9.)  Self Control

We can’t retract angry words. I’ve said some pretty mean things when my kids have gotten on my last nerve.  (This is why we lived at the pool most days.)  But you can’t always live in the pool.  You have to wash laundry, cook, and scrub toilets sometimes.

Self-control means when that kid does that thing for the 8th time in a row, I will not scream.

I will correct, without screaming.  I will be firm, but not hateful.  Indeed, I will take the time to discipline my child because that is my job.

And it is also my job to teach my child to deal with her emotions without losing self-control.  She will become a better human, and I will become a better mom when I exercise self-control.

So how can we focus on these 9 traits – the fruits of the Spirit?

I have a practical solution for you – and myself!


A Fruit of the Spirit Toolkit to help you become a better mom 9 Ways to become a better mom this summer - how 9 tips from Scripture can help you harness your emotions and build stronger bonds with your kids. #mom #bettermom #summer #emotions #overwhelm #frazzled mom

The Living Fruits of the Spirit Bible Study Kit

The Fruits of the Spirit 90-day summer Bible study kit is the perfect solution!  It’s a brand new, easy to use the kit for moms, so beautiful and affordable you have to take a peek!

In fact, the author, my friend, Sarah Ann, from Faith Along the Way, author of the popular Family Bible Study Toolkit, gave me this kit in exchange for an honest review.  Here’s what I said:

“Living the fruit of the Spirit” is beautifully streamlined to guide the believer to cultivate and harvest spiritual fruit.  From bold purple hues to muted sage tones, this colorful workbook with its vast array of tools offers both charm to the eye and inspiration to the soul.  The encouraging devotions and thought-provoking questions spark the reader to actively craft a plan for applying the fruits of the Spirit to everyday situations.  This thorough study will motivate discouraged souls to walk victoriously in the Spirit, experiencing true freedom from bondage!

I am so excited to delve into this study myself – I especially love the beautiful prayer calendars covering the fruits of the Spirit – that is something I can really sink my teeth into!

Dear mom, this kit can help busy moms break free from messy emotions with the kids at home this summer.  It will help them identify their weak areas and find hope in God’s word for overcoming their biggest obstacles.

And it can help empty nesters such as myself have more grace for my dear hubby so I won’t snap his head off!!


The  Living the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Kit will help you:

  • Conquer messy emotions with a specific prayer strategy & biblical truths.  
  • Harness God’s strength to shine His love to those you love most. ​
  • Implement biblical strategies for lasting change.

Cost:  Just $15.99  PLUS 9 Bonus Farmhouse Scripture Art Prints and Fruit of the Spirit Screen savers or $12.99 without Farmhouse prints!  

9 Ways to become a better mom this summer - how 9 tips from Scripture can help you harness your emotions and build stronger bonds with your kids. #mom #bettermom #summer #emotions #overwhelm #frazzled mom

I hope you’ll take check this Bible study out now while it’s fresh on your mind.  This is targeted to help YOU grow the fruits of the Spirit – even in the dog days of summer!

You can become a better mom this summer by studying – and practicing, the fruits of the spirit.  Why not join me?

(Remember – you can be victorious over emotions this summer!  Go see what’s inside!)

9 Ways to become a better mom this summer - how 9 tips from Scripture can help you harness your emotions and build stronger bonds with your kids. #mom #bettermom #summer #emotions #overwhelm #frazzled mom

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  1. This post is music to my ears! I’m already trying to keep the cool and we have 10 days left before all.of.them. are home.

    Being a mom during the year is hard, but being a good mom during summer is hardest;)

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      Hey Julie! I know I totally agree. One word: POOL. lolol! I lived at the pool in the summers!! But everyone had to do chores first or we didnt’ go. So they did! Thanks for stopping by, gal! Happy summer!

  2. Read this at the right time, I am working on patience with my 8 yr old who seems to think he is a teenager…. patience and self control to not get upset is much needed. great read thanks 🙂

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      Haha thanks, Meghan! I’m super glad you stopped by and I’ll pop over to visit you soon too. Isn’t Grace Girls the best?! Happy weekend to you!

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