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12 Fantastic Bible Study Systems for busy moms

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12 Bible study systems for busy moms
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Bible Study

“Bible study systems for busy moms?” You say. If you’re like me, you’re still figuring out goals for the year, but somewhere on that list is maintaining consistent time in the Word. Let’s face it – moms are BUSY.  We don’t have time to fool around.  And because of that, we get so overwhelmed we just…

  • Sit and scroll Facebook
  • Get sucked into group texts
  • Binge-watch Netflix (anyone knows when This is Us is coming back, btw?!)

In other words, we’re SO underneath the mound we procrastinate.

Morning Routines

This was me this morning.  I’ve got a million things on my plate and instead of getting started, I:12 Fantastic Bible study systems for busy moms - the mama needs the Word 12-month Bible study challenge will help you find a system for your season!

  • Drank 3 glasses of water
  • Took 3 Snapchats
  • Spent 10 minutes looking for my phone
  • Checked Instagram 4 times
  • Texted my kids
  • Checked Facebook twice (that’s a lie I lost track)

And more random stuff.

Moving Forward

Does this sound like you too? UGH.


Since I made a plan for my devotions in the new year, I spent time in the Word first – before all the procrastination.

BOOM.  Top mission accomplished.

Now I still need to knock out a few important tasks (like taking laundry out of the dryer before it crumples into a bazillion wrinkles), but at least I know my MAIN task, the one that influences what I do, where I go, what I say, and decisions I make, is fulfilled.

Now I know everyone offers Bible reading plans this time of year, but this plan is a little bit different.

12 Bible study systems for busy moms

You Need a Plan

This is a super SIMPLE plan to get you in the Word every day.  It’s 12 Bible study systems for busy moms, and you will receive the challenge on the first Monday of each month in my newsletter, the Monday Manna.

Each month contains a different technique for how to study the Bible in your busy season.  By the end of the year, you’ll have discovered the best techniques for you in THIS season of life!  (Because we all know, girlfriend, seasons CHANGE.)  And best of all, this is a way for you to dig into the Word yourself – even if you feel inadequate!

Here’s the list of Bible study systems for busy moms that we’ll be using in the Mama Needs the Word Bible Study Challenge:

  1. Theme Questing
  2. The 5-4-5 Method
  3. Pen Gems  
  4. Couch to Knee 
  5. The Kitchen Counter Method 
  6. Verse Capsule 
  7. Chapter Dive 
  8. 7-ways-in-a-week
  9. Journal JOMO 
  10. Scripture Digestion 
  11. Character Clues 
  12. Advent Reflection

F.B. Meyer said, “When the Bible itself becomes irksome, inquire whether you have not been spoiling your appetite by sweetmeats and renounce them; and believe that the Word is the wire along which the voice of God will certainly come to you if the heart is hushed and the attention fixed.” 

Let’s begin this year by determining to fix our hearts on the Word and hear God’s voice.

If you want in, sign up here to get started!  I can’t wait to have you join me!

12 Fantastic Bible study systems for busy moms - the mama needs the Word 12-month Bible study challenge will help you find a system for your season!

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