Bizarre Week – from the sublime to the ridiculous

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Monday I busily managed the girl’s school, made dinner for a friend, and trained a client.  Unfortunately due to poor planning on my part, we had no dinner. Thank goodness my husband loves to go to Sam’s where they make those roasted chickens daily – they have saved me more times than I care to admit!!!

Tuesday I took my mom to a new heart doctor only to be told he couldn’t see her because his partner had seen her in the hospital last year and that was a conflict of interest.  He reviewed her tests from the hospital and made an appointment for her with his partner for two days later.  I had cancelled a client just for this mishap.

Wednesday a lady almost backed into the side of my car because A. she wasn’t looking where she was going and B. an elderly person had us all blocked in line behind him, waiting for a lady to finish unloading her groceries so he could use her parking space. I ended up having to blow my horn so as not to get backed into, then I had to blow it again because it was becoming a dangerous situation with lots of traffic needing around the waiting car.  This gave pause to the rather large woman holding her umbrella in one hand and slinging her groceries in her trunk with the other.  She decided I was harrassing her, turned around with a look that could kill, and in a redneck, menacing voice yelled “HEY!!!” to which my cohort, Hayley, burst into fits of laughter. What a crazy situation.  It didn’t help that I hadn’t eaten yet, either – grumpiness prevailed.

Thursday I took mom back to the “correct” heart doctor, with whom I had a lengthy conversation (and mom lamented the fact that her blood pressure is always up at the doctor’s office). He decided to do another stress test to compare to the one from last year. Stay tuned, folks, we will have those tests soon, because truly, we can never do everything at once, we must return a hundred times to make it all worth while.

Last night I came home and found globs of honey dripped all down my cabinets.  Since I have one child who loves honey, I knew who the culprit was.  This did not make my night.  I mean, we’re talking giant globs – I had to throw away the honey, the jar of food it was stuck to, and literally scrape it off the bottom of the cabinet.  The honey was stored in a lazy susan – and it was on the inside floor of that.  I was not in a very good mood as a result…

Yesterday while I was at the doctor, my girls were supposed to gather materials for a chemistry lab today.  “Oh yes, mom, we know where it all is, everything is in the supply box.” Lab class started today and guess what – they didn’t know where half the stuff was – they had just assumed that they did.  I felt my blood pressure rising and they started scrambling to get everything together.  I wondered absentmindedly what my problem was lately, easily getting myself in a snit.  “Oh yes,” I mused, “it’s that time of the year when I get depressed.”  Every year I struggle with winter blues – it’s darker and more gloomy, and I just have to remember to exercise more!  I’m serious, it HELPS!!! I hadn’t had a lot of chance for that this week.

We ended up totally annihilating a piece of metal in a beaker with some Magnesium Chloride and making a mixture of baking soda and Calcium sulfate which looked like “plop-plop, fizz-fizz”. That was fun and then things got a lot less tense. We had a good day of school, took a family trip to secure a place for Taryn’s wedding reception, and had a nice dinner out. 

One more momentous thing happened this week:  we found Taryn’s wedding dress!  She and I had a wonderful day together.  “Remember,  you don’t have to decide today, we have plenty of time.” Famous last words – I forgot who I was dealing with for a second.  This girl is all over it, she is just like her dad.  When she has something that needs done, she will not rest until it is done.  I haven’t told her about the myriad of last minute details involved in a wedding (that will kill her soul).  But truly, when she put THE dress on, there was no denying it was indeed THE dress.  I knew it, she knew it, everyone in that bridal store knew it.  Yay!  We’re having a wedding!

And that was my week in a nut shell, and also why I haven’t blogged any.  Here’s to daily exercise and artificial lighting!!!

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