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The following is a compilation of my favorite, most trusted blogging resources, all of which I use and believe in one hundred and ten percent!  Whether you’re just beginning your blogging journey or have been pounding the keys for a while, you will find valuable nuggets in this list of 5 insanely awesome resources for your blogging success.

This list covers two blogging courses, one social media course, one blog design course, and one  FREE course on setting up a blog with WordPress.  So why are you still reading this mumbo jumbo?  Let’s get crack-a-lackin’!

1.  Elite Blog Acadamy

I can’t tell you how much I love Ruth Soukup and EBA.  EBA was a game changer for me in that I designed my blogging monetization after the pattern set forth in the course.  But even more than that, from creating Perfect Pinterest Pins, to establishing SMART goals, to creating awesome content, this course is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to get your blog focused and on the road to creating a healthy income for your family.



Many of today’s successful bloggers are graduates of Elite Blogger Acadamy:

Arabah Joy (my personal Christian blog mentor) Arabah Joy {dot} com

Gina Horkey  – Horkey Handbook {dot} com

Tasha Agruso – Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body {dot} com

Rosemary from The Busy Budgeter {dot} com

And many more successful bloggers I don’t have time to tell you about!

Elite Blogger Acadamy opens only once per year, but in the meantime, I’m happy to offer you this freebie that will not only incite blog growth, but will put you on the waiting list for when EBA opens in 2017!  While you’re waiting, you’ll receive Ruth’s invaluable newsletter full of tricks of the trade–one I can’t wait to open each week!



The 7 Ways to Boost your Blog Income Overnight is a quick read for seven plans of action you can put into practice TODAY for starting your monetization plan!  (Click image to access.)

>>>>>Also grab the {Free} Elite Blog Acadamy Blog Structure Blueprint and Elite Blog Acadamy Blog Assessment quiz!<<<<<


31 home, parenting, and blogging resources to put a spring in your mama-step. Tips for home decor, healthy cooking, and getting your blog up and running!

The Blog Structure Blueprint is designed to help you organize your blog so that your readers can always find  exactly what they’re looking for & become raving fans!  The Blog assessment quiz will help guide you through steps you need to begin to see growth.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am a HUGE fan of Ruth Soukup and EBA!  So use your blogger incentive and access these freebies–and get on her mailing list now!



2.  Pinterest in 21

A 21 day challenge to effectively grow your Pinterest presence.


Arabah Joy is the mastermind behind this fabulous, easy-to-implement ecourse.


In Pinterest in 21, you’ll receive daily videos with action steps for effectively using Pinterest. One thing I’m NOT into is info overload.


This is about practical, actionable steps for mastering Pinterest from the ground up.  ~Arabah Joy

This course effectively grew my own Pinterest strategy massively!  Because of PN21, Pinterest is now my highest traffic referral site, bringing thousands of unique visitors to my site each month!

You won’t regret this investment.  But hurry – it’s only $49.00 – and the price will raise SOON!


3.  Strategies Worth Sharing

Strategies worth sharing is an invaluable ebook for insight into how Facebook works.  If you’ve ever wondered how some bloggers seem to explode their Facebook growth, look no further than this ebook.  Brittany, from Equipping Godly Women, has got the down low on how to make Facebook work for you, and I personally love her book and how she teaches!

Within one week of implementing just a few of her strategies my total reach was up 597%, and the number of people engaged had already climbed to 444%!

Before Strategies Worth Sharing, I rarely had more than a couple interactions per post – now, not only are people interacting, but they’re commenting and sharing, and my Facebook page membership is steadily climbing!

Brittany keeps it real with down-to-earth explanations for how Facebook works, and solid, concrete ideas for not only getting viewers to interact and share posts, but to drive traffic to the owner’s blog. This easy-to-read book is the most affordable, valuable tool I’ve found for cracking the Facebook code. I highly recommend it!


Strategies worth sharing - How I grew my Facebokk page from 2,000 to 100,000 in five months



4.  Blog Beautiful; 50 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Blog Glow

I absolutely adore Marianne from Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog!  By following her expertise in this book, I designed my blog look from the ground up and have been absolutely in love with the results!  You will love Marianne too, once you see how she teaches practically how to make your blog beautiful.
Turn your blog from ugly to lovely with this fabulous self-paced course in an eBook. Get Blog Beauti


Believe me when I say, if I can make my blog lovely, you can too!  Follow this link for more info!


5.  Free Beginner WordPress ECourse

This last little nugget is really going to get your engine revving!  I built my own blog here at with this eCourse from Bree, The Blog Stylist!  Folks, here me now:  I am NOT a technical wizard.  I’m not even technical at all.  But Bree makes it simple with her quick, easy lessons, full of wisdom and videos!

Seriously, Bree is the best.  She answered every question I had and helped walk me through anything I didn’t understand!  And the best part about this course is the price:  FOR FREEEEEEE!!  (It’s worth $147 bucks, kids.  That’s AMAZE.)

So what are you waiting for?  Run!  Get yourself over to this eCourse and get started building your WordPress site so you can start seeing results!


Learn how to set up your own WordPress site today with this free eCourse from The Blog Stylist!



Woops! This one was TOO GOOD not to share also!

6.  His Girl’s Online Bootcamp

Featuring Arabah Joy, Susan Burfoot Meade, and Christa Hutchins, this affordable online Summit is jam PACKED with information on affiliate marketing, growing your list, and content creation!  I can’t say enough about this course and all the valuable resources it offers!

This summit is for both new and seasoned bloggers, and you can read all about it here.  Cost:  so affordable you won’t believe it!  Go see!

SPOILER ALERT:  with your purchase of this package, upon sending your receipt, you will receive a special bonus gift from me!


So there you have it, blogger friend!  Whether you need technical support, social media tips, blog design expertise, or a super focused approach to take your blog to the next level, you’ll find the basics all right here.  These are the best of the best, so check them out and be sure to let me know what you decide!

Which of these would you most like to try?

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