How to boost blog growth & make a supplemental (or full-time) income

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Hey, mom – would you like to boost blog growth and make money to help support your family?

Do you love the power of words, but flounder at the prospect of where to start?  Perhaps you’re already a blogger, but you need direction for growth?  Maybe you’re fearful that you don’t have what it takes, or you’re discouraged because no one is reading your blog.

How to boost blog growth and make a supplemental (or full-time) family income + BONUS Top 10 Successful Hacks for Facebook group growth.These are the tools that worked for me - get started now! #bloggingtips #bloggersuccess #bloghacks #blogging


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One fantastic tool to boost blog growth and make money

Truthfully, one of the best ways I know to improve in blogging is to learn from successful bloggers.

Don’t you wish you could just call up your favorite bloggers, ask them out for coffee, and soak up the wisdom as they share their most effective tips and tricks?

I’ll let you in on a little secret… it’s BYOC (bring your own coffee), but there’s a way to learn from some of the smartest bloggers on the web on ALL the topics that matter for every level of blogger, and all on your own schedule and without leaving your house.

Sounds like the ideal way to boost blog growth, right?

Have you heard of Elite Blog Academy?  They only open once per year – usually, Feb or March and doors just closed for 2018, but check out their weekly blog posts – SUPER helpful!!


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I love blogging, but I’ll be honest — it can be stressful!

Trying to post weekly, running social media, tech work, and OH MY WORD – GRAPHICS sometimes put me in a tailspin.  Sometimes I don’t know which voices to listen to in the blogging world, either.  Who to follow – how to do what they did – ya feelin’ me?

Maybe you’ve even wished there was someone out there who could just show you, step-by-step, exactly what you needed to do to create a successful blog.

I know I did.

In fact, that is exactly where I was in 2015 when I decided to take a chance and enroll in Elite Blog Academy®.

I am SO glad I did!

Watch these Elite Blog Academy Success Stories!

Since starting Elite Blog Academy®, I have grown strong in my focus as a blogger.

I’ve discovered my niche, my voice, and where I need to spend my time.  I’ve grown my email list and developed strong connections with my readers!  And believe it or not, I’m making a little money on the side, too!

And you know what?  None of this was by accident.


You can sign up to get on the EBA waiting list here – you’ll be notified when the course opens up again and you’ll be ready for next year!

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The experience that helps grow your blog

I learned how to boost my blog income from Elite Blog Academy.

Gradually, I made subtle changes to my blog and saw my traffic increase.

My understanding of the blogging and affiliate marketing world increased, and I’ve learned many valuable lessons in just one short year.

God has a bigger picture than anything I’ve ever imagined – and not just for me, but for YOU, dear blogger-mama, and for other bloggers desiring to boost blog growth!


The decision to grow your blog

*If you need to boost blog growth and make money, this is your answer.

*If you’ve considered starting a blog – this is your chance.

*Even if you are a seasoned blogger or have been at it for a while (such as myself), you may be missing a few key elements to grow your blog.

You’ll find all these resources and MORE inside Elite Blog Academy.

Free resources from Elite Blog Academy

120 Awesome blog post ideas

The new blogger’s guide to guest posting

2018 Blogging Trends eBook

7 Surefire ways to boost your blog income overnight

EBA Blog Assessment

Questions?  Just email me at and I’ll be happy to help!

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