Goal setting: how to target God’s will and achieve victory

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Ten years ago I thought it was impossible to achieve victory in goal setting.  You see, I experienced a giant slump in my spiritual life.  I could have been the “Christian Failure” poster child.  Oh, I didn’t look that way on the outside. But on the inside? My heart was in turmoil.  Swirling thoughts inside my brain rang of doubt …

How to spend time in the Word; advice I rejected as a younger mom

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Time in the Word: the advice I didn’t want to take How is your soul today?  Are you restless, peace-less, and guilt-ridden from “mom freakout”? Let me ask you a more direct question:  how long has it been since you spent time in the Word? When I was a young mom, I constantly beat myself up over skipping “devotions”.  Recalling …

How my chaotic soul survived Hurricane Irma's threatening impact. Tips on reviving, replenishing, and flourishing your mama heart in Christ, even in chaos.

How my chaotic soul survived Hurricane Irma’s threatening impact

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Last week, my husband and I loaded up our motor coach and headed to Florida, never suspecting Hurricane Irma’s threatening impact.  I was ready to get refreshed, renewed, and refocused, beachside. Well, that turned into a hurricane nightmare. The previous week, I had a telephone conversation about thriving and refocusing with my blogging friend, Marva, who lives in the British …

When Hurricane Irma comes to town; comfort for waiting out the storm. For Florida families, and loved ones awaiting news. #comfort #Hurricane

When Hurricane Irma comes to town; comfort for waiting out the storm

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Twenty-one million people in Florida await the hour when Hurricane Irma comes to town, and I happen to be one of them.  From the tip of southern Florida to the northernmost regions, each county anticipates high winds, heavy rains, storm surge, tornadoes, or all of the above.   I’m not even from Florida – I’m a West Virginian. (Where there …

One advent devotional that boosts year-round Bible study; a devotional app for busy moms, delivering daily, bite-sized truths. #devotionalapp #momapp

One advent devotional that boosts year-round Bible study

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Each year I search for the perfect Advent devotional to use throughout the Christmas season.  I love centering my mind on nuggets of truth surrounding Christ’s birth – truths I’ve never considered before.  Questions, like “Why did God announce Christ’s birth to Shepherds”, and the analogy of sheer darkness with the blinding light of the angel’s announcement.  Or why faithful …

Scripture meditation for busy moms; 10 ways to gain strength and courage

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Have you ever thought, “I don’t have time for Scripture meditation!  Let’s get real here – I don’t even have time to sit down, much less think in complete sentences!” Yeah.  Me too. *This post contains affiliate links.  You may view my policies here. So is it really necessary for moms to meditate on God’s Word?  How important is it …

One breakthrough strategy that will revive your War Room today. After I started this one simple thing, my prayer life was deepened, expanded, and empowered.

One Breakthrough Strategy that will revive your War Room today

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Last week I shared my new prayer strategy with a friend over lunch. It’s nothing fancy.  People have been doing it for hundreds of years. But when I described its powerful effect not only on my life, but other moms as well, my friend nearly leaped out of her Cracker Barrel chair. “I’m in.  Count me in.  I’m doing this. …