Seeking God's will for your life

Seeking God’s will for your life and how to find it

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Are you seeking God’s will for your life? A mom often finds herself in seasons of transition, wondering what to do.  Worry over questions like, “How do I rear my child in this phase?”, “Should I homeschool?”, and, “What can I do to help with income” leap to the foreground.  So what’s the best way to decide? Seeking God’s will …

7 signs you need to spring-clean your mind for focus. Motivation for decluttering and organizing your mind from a special spring cleaning series.

7 signs you need to spring clean your mind for focus

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  Have you ever thought to spring clean your mind for focus? Spring cleaning – I just love the thought of those two little words!  My mind’s eye pictures sun-dappled, gleaming floors; light streaming through sparkling glass windows.  White vases, laden with tulips, flank clean kitchen counters.  A gentle breeze from the freshly swept deck wafts a subtle fragrance of potted …

Dear Mom of grown children, leave the past behind.  Positive advice and Scripture for "mom guilt". How to make peace with parenting fails - real or imagined

Dear mom of grown children: leave your regrets behind

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Dear mom, I know you wish you could leave your regrets behind. You should have spent more time reading Dr. Seuss and Goodnight Moon. You should have been a stay-at-home mom You should have spoken softer (as in – not yelled) You should have made them stick with piano You should have let them quit piano You should have home …

Why you should join the cast of Tuesday Talk and me and hone your parenting/DIY/faith/crafting/fashion skills!

Why you should join me for Tuesday Talk

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  Good morning, my peeps! Welcome to Tuesday Talk, a link-up geared toward mamas of all ages, with information on parenting crafting homeschooling schooling DIY cooking marriage fashion faith and all things in between! This is a GREAT group of gals who admit to occasional parenting failures, social awkwardness, and recipe flops. In essence:  these girlfriends are the real deal. …

How to make a decision when you're paralyzed by fear. Stop analyzing about making a wrong decision and start moving with these truths from God's Word.

How to make a decision when you’re paralyzed by fear

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  Hi mama.  I have one thing I really want to tell you today. It’s this:  make a decision. Stop worrying, stop analyzing, and stop fearing. Nip it in the bud, Ange. “It’s better to go through the wrong door with your best self than the best door with your wrong self.  Sometimes the way in which I go through …