Scripture meditation for busy moms; 10 ways to gain strength and courage

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Have you ever thought, “I don’t have time for Scripture meditation!  Let’s get real here – I don’t even have time to sit down, much less think in complete sentences!” Yeah.  Me too. *This post contains affiliate links.  You may view my policies here. So is it really necessary for moms to meditate on God’s Word?  How important is it …

Is God really good when bad things happen? Spiritual life lessons and Scripture truths for when life is hard to accept.

Is God really good all the time?

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Last year, my dad lost his teeth in a restaurant and they almost ended up in a dumpster. I’m in the sandwich generation of life – with two small grandbabies, four grown children (two of which live at home), and my elderly parents.  If you’re in that stage of life, bless your heart. It’s challenging – mentally changing gears to …

The secret that helped me overcome my anger; breaking free from my inner "momster" and flourishing into a graceful mother.

The secret that helped me overcome my anger

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  Wanna know the secret that helped me overcome my anger?  Here’s a video of yours truly, along with a bit of my story. You’re welcome. 😉   To learn more about Grace Goals, click here (aff link) Plucking a gallon of milk and a quart of creamer from the grocery refrigerator, I turned to find my cart missing.  I …

How one breakthrough strategy can calm your anxiety as a parent, home owner, or voter

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    The anxiety of a parent and homeowner Mary felt trapped in her life.  She detested her cramped house—from the dingy, peeling exterior to the rough, musty carpet.  She resented her husband’s midnight shift which caused her to sleep listlessly, jumping at the pop of the furnace or a squeal of tires from the nearby street. She cringed, listening …

One simple tip to improve your prayer life now. Do you find the wheels spinning when you sit down to pray for five or 10 minutes? Here's help.

One simple acrostic to improve your prayer life now

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How are you doing with your prayer life, mom? Do you find the wheels spinning when you sit down to pray for five or 10 minutes? Are you distracted, thinking of other things? Or do you stare at the four walls, wondering what it is you should pray about? Here is a simple acrostic to help keep you on track and it’s so easy to remember, you’re not going to ever forget it!

How God’s “yes” overshadows His “no”

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It’s time for “Five Minute Friday” over on Katemotaung’s blog, “Heading Home”!  Set the timer, write for five minutes, and post!  Today’s word prompt:  Yes.   GO.   “Lord, please lead me to my soul mate – the one fit for me!” And God said, “Yes”. “Lord, I want a big family, lots of kids!” And God said, “Yes.” “Please, God, …

How to make a simple prayer journal

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Are you frustrated with your prayer life?  Do you find it hard to remember to pray for people and their needs?  Do you wish you had more time to devote to prayer? Today I have a guest post over at my friend’s blog – Arabah Joy, a showcase for God’s glory – on how to make a simple prayer journal. Trust me. No …