10 ultimate Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round

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  Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round The day of my wedding, my mind raced with anticipation.  Not because of the wedding night (silly), but because of my mom’s long-awaited promise of: The Bestowal of Our Beloved Betty Crocker Cookbook. Not hers, mind you.  Oh heavens, no.  She got hers in an unairconditioned country church the summer of 1961. …

There's simple value in a family vacation. Why you should invest your time and effort even when the kids are young.

The simple value in a family vacation

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  Imagine three kids, ages 6, 4, and 18 months occupying a hotel room for four nights (parents included).  The baby wallows in a pack-n-play while mom, dad, and the kids crouch between the farthest bed and the wall waiting for her to pass out.  Cramped quarters, a stuffed-to-the-brim mini van, and a noisy helicopter tour service right next door.  Added together, it spells “Family Vacation”, Pigeon …