Top 10 ultimate Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round

10 ultimate Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round

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  Christmas gifts moms love to use year-round The day of my wedding, my mind raced with anticipation.  Not because of the wedding night (silly), but because of my mom’s long-awaited promise of: The Bestowal of Our Beloved Betty Crocker Cookbook. Not hers, mind you.  Oh heavens, no.  She got hers in an unairconditioned country church the summer of 1961. …

Dear Mom, it's not as bad as you think! All those years of wiping snotty noses and scrubbing dirty floors counts in your faithfulness. God is using you, little eyes are watching you. Even though you don' think what you do matters - it does. ©

Dear mom, it’s not as bad as you think; you don’t have to be perfect

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I know you think God’s not using you today as you dash to Krogers, toddlers in tow, just trying to scramble for something to cook for dinner and keep the kids from having a conniption in the store.

You didn’t go to church last Wednesday night. You’re not going to make it through the Bible this year in your daily devotions. If only you’d gotten up earlier, been faster, eaten healthier, been wiser….


Just stop.

How to simply host Thanksgiving Dinner for 15-20 people. Simple planning and hosting ideas for an easy holiday buffet.

How to {simply} host Thanksgiving dinner for 20

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My favorite America’s Funniest Videos clip features a young wife hosting Thanksgiving dinner for all the fam.  When presenting the turkey, her mama asked if she stuffed it. Placing the turkey amidst a buffet of delicious looking dishes, she happily quipped, “No!  It was already stuffed – it came that way!” And all the people rolled in the floor as …

Welcome to my new home!

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It’s here! After months of effort and years of agonizing, I’ve launched my new site, and I think you’re going to love it! Rear, Release, Regroup is more of the same kind of stories I’ve been writing for years over at Live, Laugh, Love and Ruthie’s Kozi Kitchen! You will probably notice a few more changes to this site in the weeks to come, which won’t affect your receiving or viewing, only perfecting the process.

The day I ignored my laundry and discovered a more valuable load. Advice for moms to make time for family, even though the laundry's piled high.

The day I ignored the laundry and discovered a more valuable load

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Do you ever stop to think of all your benefits? Are they just annoyances? A snotty nosed toddler who just threw spaghetti all over the floor from his high chair. A teen who needs to learn how to drive. An elderly parent desiring a ride to the grocery store. A husband with a to-do list that involves you. We don’t realize our benefits because we don’t recognize our benefits.

How to make eye contact this Christmas (gaining freedom from the distractibles)

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The most distractible time of the year You know you are super distracted when you realize you are attempting to apply under eye concealer to your armpit. That was my profound thought this morning as I finished applying my makeup.  My mind is in a million places just as most mother’s minds this time of year. The shopping, wrapping, baking, …