7 signs you need to spring-clean your mind for focus. Motivation for decluttering and organizing your mind from a special spring cleaning series.

7 signs you need to spring clean your mind for focus

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  Have you ever thought to spring clean your mind for focus? Spring cleaning – I just love the thought of those two little words!  My mind’s eye pictures sun-dappled, gleaming floors; light streaming through sparkling glass windows.  White vases, laden with tulips, flank clean kitchen counters.  A gentle breeze from the freshly swept deck wafts a subtle fragrance of potted …

secrets to a simple & clutter-free life. Simple tips for decluttering, simplifying, and protecting your mind space and your home from too much "stuff".

5 secrets to a simple & clutter-free life

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  Jenny’s eyes flitted around her home, tears threatening at the cluttered scene. Mounds of laundry – both clean and dirty, lay in jumbled heaps.  Random objects littered corners and floors – pictures to be hung, projects to complete, and items not yet put away.   *This post may contain affiliate links.  Should you choose to purchase certain advertised items, I will receive …