7 signs you need to spring-clean your mind for focus. Motivation for decluttering and organizing your mind from a special spring cleaning series.

7 signs you need to spring clean your mind for focus

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  Have you ever thought to spring clean your mind for focus? Spring cleaning – I just love the thought of those two little words!  My mind’s eye pictures sun-dappled, gleaming floors; light streaming through sparkling glass windows.  White vases, laden with tulips, flank clean kitchen counters.  A gentle breeze from the freshly swept deck wafts a subtle fragrance of potted …

How my chaotic soul survived Hurricane Irma's threatening impact. Tips on reviving, replenishing, and flourishing your mama heart in Christ, even in chaos.

How my chaotic soul survived Hurricane Irma’s threatening impact

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Last week, my husband and I loaded up our motor coach and headed to Florida, never suspecting Hurricane Irma’s threatening impact.  I was ready to get refreshed, renewed, and refocused, beachside. Well, that turned into a hurricane nightmare. The previous week, I had a telephone conversation about thriving and refocusing with my blogging friend, Marva, who lives in the British …

Your stubborn child; 3 ways he's a next generation superhero! Learn to appreciate and guide your strong willed child's God' given strengths.

Your stubborn child; 3 ways he’s a next generation superhero

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  If you have a stubborn child, I have fantastic news for you today!  Strong-Willers (I call them Swillers) often turn out to be superheros in their own right.  If you’re sitting there shaking your head (yet hoping this isn’t a pipedream), here are three encouraging thoughts for the marathon of parenting these dear (stubborn) souls.       1. …

Holiday planning; 6 stress-busting tips for how to do less and enjoy more

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I’m sure when the early settlers sank into their rough-hewn benches, munching on field corn with their new, tan-skinned neighbors, they weren’t thinking, “Someday families all across America will gather ’round the table to celebrate this very moment”. Thoughts of survival weighed heavily on their minds. Forging a new life and government were of utmost importance. Several members of their …