Keeping Christmas simple; how to plan intentional family activities and simplify advent celebrations to fit your family. Printables. #simplyChristmas

Keeping Christmas simple; how to plan intentional family activities

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Today’s special guest and sweet friend, Keri Syder, shares what she’s learned about keeping Christmas simple.  Keri is a young mama of 3 rambunctious kiddos, yet her constant focus is on living intentionally with joy.  I love that!  And I know you’re going to love her fantastic ideas for how to simply enjoy Christmas with your family this year. How …

3 Ways to cultivate a heart for others

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  Does a heart for others come naturally for you? I confess, it does not for me.  Maybe it’s because I grew up an only child – or maybe I’m just selfish.  Staff writer, Sarah Damaska walks us through how to cultivate a heart for others in this enriching post.   The cookie left a residue on my fingers as …

rest isn’t about sleeping as much as it is about having peace

3 Tips to help strong-willed children rest better

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Do your strong-willed children rest well? (Do pigs fly?) “Please take a nap.” I whispered to my little girl, rubbing her back. She stubbornly crossed her arms while sitting up in bed. Stuffed animals lined the wall, and her brow was furrowed. The special mermaid blanket and purple pillow cocooned her. The sounds of waves from the sound machine played softly. …