How to avoid anger triggers and stop yelling at your kids. Strategies for moms seeking to control anger through self regulation and stress maintenance.

How to stop yelling at your kids

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*This post contains affiliate links.  Should you choose to purchase certain advertised items, I will receive compensation which will help keep this blog up and running!  You may view my policies here. Welcome to our special “Mad Mom Makeover” Series!   Last April, Rear Release Regroup  featured eight special guest posts dealing with “mom anger” and how to cope with those …

How to raise your children to obedience; 4 trusted tactics for moms to use for gaining control and building relationships with your children.

How to raise your children to obedience; 4 trusted tactics

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The two-year old collapsed in near hysteria, begging to hold mommy’s fudge sickle, and {gasp} – mommy said no. “Pweeeeeeeeese!” “No, honey.  Mama’s got to hold it, but you can have a bite.” He flung himself on the sofa, spouting tears, his little cheeks red in consternation,  “PWEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!” Wouldn’t it just be easier to let him have his way? Is …

How to raise your children to practice generosity. 4 ideas you may have never considered for cultivating a generous spirit.

How to raise your children to practice generosity

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Are you tired of sibling squabbles over the last cookie, “she took my headphones”, or the pecking order: “My stuff is mine and yours is too”? Are you wondering how in the world to raise your children to practice generosity? Part of generosity comes with maturity.  Right now, the Two-year-old Tornado thinks everything is his property. That’s because he’s two. Don’t …

Tiny Tornado gets a baby sister!

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We interrupt the previously scheduled {How to Rear} Series to bring you: Our Newest Edition:  Baby Harper Kaylie! Born yesterday morning, weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, 18 1/4 inches long! We are so thankful God saw fit to enlarge our family again!  The Tiny Tornado (Sawyer) already loves her and so do we.  Thank you for sharing our …

The truth about your anger over schedule disruption; Discovering freedom through uncovering the truth.

The truth about your anger over schedule disruption

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  Do you often find your anger flaring due to schedule disruption?  Family not keeping with the plan?  Husband and children messing with your check list?   The problem with schedule disruption When Kate’s children were small, she often experienced frequent bursts of temper at them for:  Refusing to use the potty during training  Getting out of bed for repeated …

Currently {A peek into my day} How we survived Jonas and kidney stones, and the trouble with indecision.

Currently {a peek into my day}

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We have been snowed in for days.  It’s ok though, because I love snow.  Here’s how my day’s going currently (it’s Sunday, although you’ll be reading this Monday).   Currently Mixing:  up a batter of peanut butter cookies because it’s national peanut butter day! Crowding:  against the cabinets so the Tiny Tornado can make a giant tower with my soup …

Make sure you rear your children to confide in you by implementing these 7 simple steps. Time invested in your children develops life long relationships!

How to raise children to confide in you

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  Do you ever worry your children are holding out on you?  Or that once they reach the teen years and beyond, they won’t let you in? Are you afraid they won’t want to confide in you? I fretted a lot as a young mom.  Wondering how in the world I would handle adolesence and if all my kids would …

How your two-year-old is important to God. Things to remember about gifts, presents, Christmas, tantrums, and toddler behavior. Consistency and the ministry of motherhood is key!

How a two-year-old is important to God

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The kings of the Orient probably wondered if their gifts would not only be appreciated, but appropriate. They probably wondered if the Tiny Tornado would try to drink the frankincense or paint the bathroom with myrrh. But God thought this toddler important enough to appoint their visit. And He thinks your two-year-old is worthy of your ministry too.

How to rear your little boy to confident manhood, a valuable here resource, including {FREE downloadable} Top Ten Tips for raising a confident young man! There is HOPE, mama.

How to rear your little boy to confident manhood

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If you’re wondering how in the world to raise that boy into a confident young man, here is your resource. My story of how I raised my son and the tips God lead me to implement. Plus my top ten tips for raising a confident young man, free downloadable printable! There is HOPE, mama. Remember, God is not on your timetable!

Challenge of the strong-willed child 6 tips to survival

Challenge of the strong-willed child – 6 tips to survival

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Are you battling a strong-willed child in your home?  Are you at the end of your rope, wondering how in the world you can turn the crazy-train around?  Have you tried everything you can think of and then some? I’ve been in your shoes. With two strong-willers (henceforth referred to as “swillers”), I can tell you some stories, girlfriend. *This post …

How to make time for a consistent prayer life; for busy moms. You can maintain a consistent prayer life and ministry, even on limited time - here's how.

How to make time for a consistent prayer life

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Beginning today, for the next three Mondays in a row, I’ll be doing a prayer series designed to help pattern your daily time with the Lord! We moms have a way of charging through our day lickity split from the moment our feet hit the floor.Come on, admit it – how many times have you thought to yourself, “I don’t have time for prayer!” Here are 4 simple tips for finding time to enrich your prayer life.

Moms of sons – 3 tips for when you’re tired of putting the toilet seat down

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 *This post may contain affiliate links. You may view my policies here.       Amy glanced out the front window just in time to see her youngest drop his drawers and gleefully water her boxwood shrubbery.  Horrified, she dashed to jerk open the front door, screaming, “Pull up your pants and get in here, young man!” The four-year-old’s smile …