There's simple value in a family vacation. Why you should invest your time and effort even when the kids are young.

The simple value in a family vacation

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  Imagine three kids, ages 6, 4, and 18 months occupying a hotel room for four nights (parents included).  The baby wallows in a pack-n-play while mom, dad, and the kids crouch between the farthest bed and the wall waiting for her to pass out.  Cramped quarters, a stuffed-to-the-brim mini van, and a noisy helicopter tour service right next door.  Added together, it spells “Family Vacation”, Pigeon …

The perfect mom myth; 4 practical skills to implement with your kids and advice for when you feel like a failure.

The “perfect mom” myth; How to parent practically

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You know that perfect mom that has it all together, always looks terrific in her size 4 jeans, perfect hair and makeup?  That mom with the cute kids dressed in designer wear and the Ray Ban-clad husband with the muscular frame? Her house is always spotless, tastefully decorated, and she usually has a new picture or accent every time you …

Suede jumpers and other homeschool preconceived notions

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Some people maintain the mindset that homeschoolers are an enigma, wearing suede jumpers, geeking out over science projects, and getting their kicks on singing Kumbayaa around the family fireplace at night. I guess maybe this could be said of a few, but my kids aren’t among them (and neither am I). No, I don’t wear suede jumpers and my kids …