The secret to finding calm in the chaos of motherhood. Encouragement for struggles in daily mom life when motherhood is hard. #Christian #motherhood

The secret to finding calm in the chaos of motherhood

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If the chaos in motherhood is a daily part of your life, you’re going to love my special guest this week.  Sarah Ann, of Faith Along the Way, is a young mom to two special needs children and she can tell us a thing or two about those crazy parenting days!  Sarah is a very special friend to me and I know her wisdom shared here will refresh your chaotic mama heart.

The secret to finding calm in the chaos of motherhood

For five long years, I wistfully dreamed of motherhood. I prayed daily for a child to fill my barren womb and to fill the ache of my arms. Impatiently, I waited and prayed. And I then waited and prayed some more. It seemed that no matter what we did, parenthood was continuously out of our reach.

Little did I know that God was preparing my path to motherhood in a special and unique way. And little did I know my baby, born in the womb of another, would come with her own special challenges.

Fast forward seven years, and I am now the proud mom of two special needs children. Although our family dynamics are different than I imagined, God has been faithful to provide strength for the journey.

Yet, I never dreamed that motherhood could be filled with so many battles, obstacles, and chaos along the way…

The secret to finding calm in the chaos of motherhood. Encouragement for struggles in daily mom life when motherhood is hard. #Christian #motherhood


The Secret to Finding Calm in the Chaos of Motherhood

For too long, I was a “martyr mom“. I wore exhaustion on my face and in my attitude like a badge of honor. Yet I desperately longed for a way to keep up and enjoy my family more. My soul craved peace and I was tired of living overwhelmed.

However, the secret to thriving in the midst of tantrums, disobedience, potty training, and soccer practice, wasn’t a more organized home or a better schedule. After much searching and lots of “mommy meltdowns”, I realized there was nothing tangible I could do to rid myself of the weariness in my soul. That was the Lord’s job.

God used the chaos of motherhood in everyday life to bring me to my knees. Through the tantrums and the tears, I experienced His compassion and love in a powerful way.

Gently, God revealed this powerful truth to me:

He never intended mothers to live in bondage to irritation, frustration, and complete exhaustion.

John 10:10 reminds us of the abundance and freedom for all who know Christ, including weary moms.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

I realized the evil one was blindly robbing me of joy, compassion, freedom from struggling moments, and peaceful home.

My pathway to joy in the chaos

Nervously, I opened my Bible for the first time on my own in many years. As a veteran Christian, I knew God was the secret to unlocking true peace and joy. Yet I was embarrassed to admit I had no idea where to begin reading His word.

Starting in the book of Psalms, God met me in my brokenness and began to transform my withering soul. While carving out 10 minutes a day to meet with God was all I could muster, God’s promises began to take root in my heart.

I realized that I was spiritually malnourished. Ignorantly, I was trying to fill the void in my soul with tiny bits of God’s Word on Sunday, yet I needed daily manna to thrive in the chaos of motherhood and combat the lies of the evil one.

The secret to finding calm in the chaos of motherhood. Encouragement for struggles in daily mom life when motherhood is hard. #Christian #motherhood

Learning to intentionally care for my soul

I began to meet with Him on a daily basis and was hungry for God’s truth. Some mornings my quiet time was peaceful and filled with special moments of just me and the Lord.

Other days I soaked in His promises while feeding the baby or calming a crying child.

Either way, I intentionally planned to meet with God each day, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Faithfully, He met me in my brokenness and I found comfort from the chaos around me. God’s word became a real, powerful, and crucial weapon I used to fight the battle of overwhelming.

It wasn’t that my road became less difficult or my path any easier, but I learned that with God by my side, I could find joy in the craziness and chaos of motherhood.

Through Him alone, I could selflessly serve my family and trust Him alone to fill me with joy.

The secret to finding calm in the chaos of motherhood. Encouragement for struggles in daily mom life when motherhood is hard. #Christian #motherhood

Creating a plan that works for you in the chaos of motherhood

Friend, you too can find a refreshed soul and a renewed spirit at the foot of the cross! You can find the strength to keep going in the tough times and rejoice when you see God move in the life of your family. While God won’t magically fix your shortcomings and make you into the perfect Pinterest mom, He will refine your soul and chisel your character to look a little more like Him.

If you long to create a daily quiet time, consider:

  • What part of my day can I carve out 10 minutes to meet with God?
  • Is there something I need to give up to make reading my Bible a reality?
  • Do I need more resources, such as a Bible study plan, to make this new habit stick?

While starting to read God’s word may seem intimidating, God is gentle with His children and faithful to bend an ear to all who whisper His name. Don’t let busyness steal your precious time with Him and the opportunity to battle the enemy with prayer.

As you walk the path of servanthood and you minister to tiny hearts through motherhood, there is a simple joy to be found.

God, the Creator of the universe, called you by name to this home and these people in this season of life. It may not be easy to serve selflessly when you’re exhausted, but He will give you joy in Him alone on the journey! Simply meet with Him each day, and watch your heart and your home be transformed by His love and grace!


Sarah Ann Goode is a perfectly imperfect wife and special-needs mom and is thankful for the saving grace of the Lord. Indeed, she is passionate about ‘Helping Busy Women Thrive in Faith, Family, and Home at her site, Faith Along the Way. Join her for biblical encouragement and honest transparency on this crazy journey called life.


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The secret to finding calm in the chaos of motherhood. Encouragement for struggles in daily mom life when motherhood is hard. #Christian #motherhood

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  1. They say in life, somewhere out there, we all have a twin, and that our struggles are not new. As I was reading this, I felt as if I were standing in front of a mirror, listening to my inner most being speak to my outer most woman. Amazing Grace just took on a whole new meaning for me today, and it happened within a matter of minutes! I’m so overcome with joy, just with this single read, so inspired and encouraged. I’ve been praying, crying out for help in my chaos that completely mirrors what I just read. Thank you so much for all of this, and thank God for an answered prayer.

    1. Post

      Kristie, thank you for your beautiful words here today! We moms all get down on ourselves when faced with so much calamity. But God knows – and He’s ready to comfort and help in time of need! Please keep in touch! <3

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