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How to become God's best version of you

Coaching towards necessary steps to change.

*See details below for cost.

Who is it for?

These coaching sessions are aimed at moms who feel lost, stuck, unmotivated, or confused about parenting or marriage.

Mom of four young adults, Gigi to two, and wife of 30+ years, Ruthie Gray possesses experience and wisdom in family and interpersonal relationships as well as life lessons from the school of hard knocks.  A scholar of the Bible, Ruthie gives practical wisdom for everyday choices. 

Wife, mom, and redeemed Student of God's Word

Mentoring brings results

We know you’re short on time and low on energy. We also know how easy it is to put yourself last. That’s why we’ve divided these coaching sessions into three, hour-long blocks of time. Just click here to fill out the application and review available time slots.

A mom with experience

 Ruthie knows what it’s like to balance life in the many stages of motherhood as caregiver,  babysitter, wife, mother, gigi, blogger, pianist, cook, health enthusiast, and local mom mentor. Possessing a wide range of expertise in depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obesity, stroke, heart disease, RLS, loss of loved ones, sociopathic disorder, marital strife, and more, she will listen, empathize, and help guide your decision making process.

A mom who listens

Ruthie has been a consistent, solid and godly part of my life for the last 20+ years, and her influence in my life is priceless. She listens and steps into your shoes to meet you where you are. God has given her many talents, but relating to others and guiding them through situations with a God-centered focus is what sets her apart. She’s real life and down to earth. And most likely she has experienced whatever it is you’re going through. 

A mom who motivates

Ruthie is the kind of person you can sit with for hours at Starbucks and never run out of things to talk about.  She listens.  She understands. She talks about real life, real pain and real answers. And speaking of answers, hers are always grounded in God’s word.  She isn’t going to just pat you on the back and tell you fluff.  She will tell you, with all the love and understanding of someones whose been there, and is there, that what you and I need….what we all need….is Jesus.  He is the answer, and He is the one Ruthie speaks about.  Oh, and one more thing, she also reminds me to laugh.

A mom who encourages

Ruthie has been a dear friend and mentor for the last several years. She has the gift of being a great listener and has helped me through making many important decisions and tough times in my life.  She was a constant source of encouragement, sharing scriptures and faithfully praying through my Mom’s battle with cancer and eventual passing. She helped and encouraged as I began and continue to homeschool my 3 kiddos. Many times she is a voice of reason when I want to quit.  Momming is hard somedays and her funny stories about her own child rearing years, (like the time she locked all of the kids out of the house) help get me through and reassure me that I am not alone.  
I am so thankful for the impact that she had on my life. ​

>Gain encouragement 

    >Create a plan of action

   >Start making changes 

Learn from the very best

Ruthie’s warm approach  will both refresh and motivate.  She actively listens to pain points and creatively shares her vision for a plan of action, drawing from years of successful mentoring of moms just like you.


  • 3-30 minute video chats
  • Tailored plan of action
  • Downloadable checklist for plan of action
  • BONUS  video chat recordings
  • cost:  $47.00
  • (Total value:  $250.00)

*Application must be submitted before acceptance into the coaching program.

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