How to create a cozy Bible study nook

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Most mornings, I stumble out of bed, pull on my robe, and settle into my cozy Bible study nook while nursing my coffee IV first cup of coffee.

Over the years, I’ve come to cherish this time in the Word because I enjoy my little Bible study nook!

Years ago I read a book (I forget which one) that suggested creating a cozy space for Bible study – even if it only meant lighting an aromatic vanilla bean candle!

Any mom can create a Bible study nook.  It can even be a corner of your couch.

And I have a confession to make.

My Bible study nook is the corner of my couch.

I’m going to share how to set up a simple Bible study station you can enjoy, but first, I want to explain why you should do this.


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10 reasons you need a cozy Bible study nook

A Bible study nook is an area you look forward to curling up in and this helps you:

1.)  Establish time in the Word each day (or most days)

2.)  Creatively make time to do this

3.)  Keep materials handy

4.)  Dig deeper to receive God’s message more personally

5.)  Gain confidence in Scripture

6.)  Give grace on days it doesn’t happen

7.)  Overcome overwhelm that Bible study is too hard to fit in

8.)  Develop a love for God’s Word and excitement

9.)  Look forward to Bible study

10.) Receive God’s peace

11.) Develop calmer reactions, taking on God’s fruit of the Spirit in the process


Have I convinced you yet?  I hope so!  This is going to be fun!

Look around your home for these simple tools – or create a variation of them.


Simple tools for a cozy Bible study nook

1.)  Candle

2.)  Basket with Bible, notebook, pen and pencil, and highlighter, 3×5 cards etc. (all optional except the Bible – that’s kind of necessary)

3.)  Cozy blanket

4.)  Coffee or tea

5.)  Calm atmosphere

6.)  Pretty Scripture print for your wall such as this one or an inspirational quote

7.)  Cozy socks

8.)  Reading glasses (in case you’re like me and can’t see)

9.)  Lamp

10)  Anything else cozy or pretty you’d like to add


The idea is to create an area of calm and beauty.  If you like to decorate or be comfie, you’re going to love setting up and using your cozy Bible Study nook!  You’ll look forward to spending time there, and you’ll be better focused because you’ll have all your materials at the ready!

Here’s a picture of my cozy Bible study nook.


How to create a cozy Bible study nook using a few simple tools, decorations, and accessories from around your home. Look forward to time in the Scriptures!


Types of Bible study methods to use in your cozy Bible study nook

Mama Needs The Word Bible Study Challenge

Mama needs the Word Bible Study Challenge
This is a super SIMPLE plan to get you in the Word every day. It’s 12 Bible study systems for busy moms, and you will receive the challenge on the first Monday of each month in my newsletter, the Monday Manna.

Each month contains a different technique for how to study the Bible in your busy season. By the end of the year, you’ll have discovered the best techniques for you in THIS season of life! (Because we all know, girlfriend, seasons CHANGE.) And best of all, this is a way for you to dig into the Word yourself – even if you feel inadequate!

Here’s the list of Bible study systems for busy moms that we’ll be using in the Mama Needs the Word Bible Study Challenge:

January: Theme Questing
February: The 5-4-5 Method
March: Pen Gems
April: Couch to Knee
May: The Kitchen Counter Method
June: Verse Capsule
July: Chapter Dive
August: 7-ways-in-a-week
September: Journal JOMO
October: Scripture Digestion
November: Character Clues
December: Advent Reflection

You can even do it in your fuzzy socks!  😉

Let’s determine to fix our hearts on the Word and hear God’s voice in 2019. Sign up here to get started! I can’t wait to have you join me!



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