How to cure self-doubt as a mother

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Before I had babies, I was afraid I wouldn’t be good at it.  Rearing babies, that is.

Turns out, I’m the baby whisperer.

When Baby Cakes visits, I implement my secret strategy.

It’s called, Turning On The Faucet.

I walk over to the kitchen sink, turn on the tap, pat her back while swaying, and her little head lays right down on my shoulder.

Turn off water = head raises back up.

Leave water on = giant water bill + sleeping baby.

At this point, I’ll take the sleeping baby.

How to cure self-doubt as a mother. All moms wear a cloak of anxiety, second-guessing decisions, wondering if they'll make each transition. But you can!

All women clothe themselves in a robe of anxiety before becoming mamas.  It breaks down something like this:


What if I can’t give birth without anesthesia?

What if I’m not good at nursing?

What if I don’t know how to calm the baby?



What if I won’t know when he’s sick?  How will I know how to get him well?

What if I’m a failure at potty training?

What if I can’t ever get him to stop biting?


Pre-school and Kindergarteners

What if I’m not teaching him enough?  What if I’m the reason he’s behind in school?

What if I can’t ever get her to stop sucking her thumb before she goes to school?

What if I can’t tell if he has special needs?



What if I can’t get them to do their homework?

What if I can’t get her through this awkward stage?

What if I don’t know what to say if he doesn’t make the team?



What if I can’t control them?

What if I’m never able to really connect with or understand them?

What if I can’t get them to take responsibility seriously?


Young Adults

What if I can’t guide them to a good career?

What if I can’t motivate them to finish college?

What if I can’t get them to move out of the house?!



What if I overstep boundaries and make their parents mad?

What if I get tired of babysitting?

What if I can’t find a connection with them?


The answers

Did you notice that all the questions started with, “What if I”?  Do you know why?

Because truthfully, when we wonder if our kid will ever potty-train, we think we’re failing in the whole bathroom business.

When our kids don’t turn in their homework on time or run consistently late for part-time jobs, we wonder where we went wrong.

If my kid becomes a two-year-old bully, my automatic thought is, “how did I fail so miserably at making this kid nice, and where is the sweet little baby I had mere months ago”?

You want to know the answer to all these questions?  How do you cure self-doubt as a mother?  Click here to read the rest of the post!


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how to cure self-doubt as a mother


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  1. I’m a new subscriber from the Tuesday Talk link-up (134). I read down through your list of mom doubts for different stages of your kids/grandkids lives. I’ve been through every one but the grandkids, and I nodded to each and every doubt. I either have it right now, or have had it in the past. I signed up for the FB group too.

    1. Post

      Thanks so much for your comment AND for your number so I can look you up, gal! I appreciate that! Yes, seasoned mamas have been through all the stsages! Happy to have you aboard, I’ll be watching out for you, Kentucky gal!!! 🙂 Welcome!

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