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I have a two foot tiny tornado living with me now.  It looks like my life rewound about 20 years around here.

Currently I’m:

Watching:  Doc McStuffins

Listening to:  the sound of a toddler drink milk through a sippy cup.

Gazing:  at a living room full of toys, books, and an upside down toddler chair

Hearing:  my son ready himself for a donut run with dad

Wondering:  if daughter number two will make it up for donuts after stargazing with her brother at 2:00AM

Feeling:  the effects of an almost entirely full house (I keep thinking I could totally launch a “Fuller House” sitcom myself)

Knowing:  this “Fuller House” will shrink on Saturday with the return of son and daughter to college.

Wishing:  we had more than five days with my middle before she returns.

Praying:  for my youngest, as she battles spiders, giant cockroaches, and heat in Bermuda

Believing:  that God is using her to touch lives there

Biting:  my lip in anticipation of her return

Regretting:  that she has to begin her sohpomore year of college the very next day.

Discussing:  last night’s meteor shower with my son (it was cloudy so they saw zero action in the sky)

Concentrating:  on three conversations at once while

Typing:  this update

Remembering:  yesterday’s final cleaning and clearing out of my daughter’s home (the closing is today)

Sensing:  the heat of my grandson as he now snuggles against me (“Up, Gigi!”) with his favorite dog and pacifier

Acquiescing:  Sawyer’s request to look at balls on my computer

Wondering:  if I’ll ever get my house back in order from being the holding tank of two moves of two different children, and a third’s college gear

Viewing:  my new phone lock screen, which contains the promise of Jeremiah 29:11

Trusting:  that God knows what he’s doing through all this upheaval.

Encouraging:  daughter number one that indeed he does.


What about YOU?  What are you currently doing/learning/letting go of?

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  1. I love this! It's like you invited me right straight into the living room and said, "Stay a while and be a part of the family."

    Such wondrous chaos, right? You have so many strings of your heart all over the place in those children 😉

  2. And indeed you would be welcome into my toy cluttered, people packed living room! Also I would give you a slice of the 3 layer German Chocolate cake I made today in celebration of my son-in-law's bday (it was amaze).
    And YES. So. Many. Strings. Heart tugging and wrenching – but that only means I am blessed, right?
    Would love to read your own "currently". I bet you have some stories for me too! (You can just send me my own personal one in my email sometime;)
    Always love hearing from you, Tex!

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