Currently {A peek into my day} How we survived Jonas and kidney stones, and the trouble with indecision.

Currently {a peek into my day}

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We have been snowed in for days.  It’s ok though, because I love snow.  Here’s how my day’s going currently (it’s Sunday, although you’ll be reading this Monday).



Currently {A peek into my day} How we survived Jonas and kidney stones, and the trouble with indecision.Mixing:  up a batter of peanut butter cookies because it’s national peanut butter day!

Crowding:  against the cabinets so the Tiny Tornado can make a giant tower with my soup cans.

Taking:  a picture of his artistic creation (He was made to do the “thumbs up” –  you can probably tell).

Giving:  him a wet kitchen cloth to wipe the inside of my cabinet (since, ahem, he realized it was a little crumby and decided to clean).

Chuckling:  at myself because I mixed all the ingredients in the peanut butter cookie dough except for the peanut butter.  I realized that after I put the dough in the ‘fridge to chill.  Oopsies.

Realizing:  My multi-tasking skills are out of practice.

Gloating:  because I won the last round of Phase 10.  Again.  My youngest is thinking about not playing me anymore.

Missing:  my TennesCurrently {A peek into my day} How we survived Jonas and kidney stones, and the trouble with indecision.see son and Ohio daughter.  I wish they were snuggled in with us on this cold, wintry day.

Looking:  out the window at the 20+ inches of snow.  Wow, that’s a lot.

Thanking:  God that He brought us through treacherous highway on our return trip from Duke last week.  Snow covered roads on Virginia Interstate + lots of truckers + me driving = NERVOUS.

Also thanking:  God for bringing Jim through kidney stone surgery and the resulting passage of SEVERAL small stones.

Hoping:  we never have to go through that again (this is his third surgery of its kind – the stone was blocking the ureter tube and that’s never good).

Yet again, thanking:  the Lord for allowing Jim to recuperate enough to be able to use the snowblower to clear our (extremely long) driveway.  Otherwise we were never getting out.

Eating:  roast, potatoes, and carrots for dinner.  The husband and I go round and round about the best way to cook a roast.  This day, I WIN.  Translated:  tender enough to fall off the fork.  The crock pot is KING.

Musing:  over my ultrasound slated for this week.  The gallbladder rears its ugly head yet again.

Deciding:  to be finished with this post, because I want to introduce my post on making decisions!!


The problem with indecision

Currently {A peek into my day} How we survived Jonas and kidney stones, and the trouble with indecision.I had a big decision to make last week.  An exciting opportunity presented itself, placing me in a quandary.  I wasn’t sure which path to take!

Click on One powerful but overlooked decision skill to read how I determined the answer.  I think most of us are looking for ways to help with hard choices.

And if you’re in that same boat today, this nugget of perspective gleaned from the Word will help you too.  This post is live today on the fantastic blog, Satisfaction Through Christ, where I guest-post once a month.  While you’re there, you may want to check out some of the other posts; rich in Scripture and Biblical truths!

Sometimes, there’s actually a simple way to know which choice to make.

How do you decide what’s best?  Do you have a method?


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