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Here’s a list of things I’m doing currently:


Watching:  Sesame Street.  What?  You thought those days were over for me – the empty nester who’s been mourning her loss for over a year?  No, I don’t watch it to bring back memories, or because I love it so (although I do have an affinity for Super Grover or Cookie Monster and The Lord of the Crumbs).  It’s my day to watch Sawyer (number one grandson).  So.

Listening:  to my daughter rave about the corn on the cob leftovers from our Memorial Day cookout.  She’s right – plus the surf and turf was awesome.  However, I did ask my husband if he was done “skinning the lobster” (you might be a West Virginia girl…).

Advising:  my other daughter to go ahead and feed Sawyer another fruit “pouch” even though he’s had two already today.  Hey, the kid is on food strike, we run with it when we can get him to eat anything at this point.

Smiling:  at Sawyer singing a made up song.

Chuckling:  because he’s working his magic on his papaw to convince him to play outside.  (Papaw has to get in “one more work call” first.)

Debating:  whether to let our youngest participate in a missions trip as a counselor in Bermuda this summer (talks are ongoing).

Admiring:  her servant’s heart in willingness to go and serve – yet submit to staying home if we so choose.

Praying:  about that decision.  For a family losing a mother to cancer.  For a new blogger friend with a dark, hurtful past.  For a friend’s troubled marriage.

Cringing:  at the thought of my long awaited appointment with the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  The X-ray shows I have a shoulder separation. Ack.  (Pray with me?)

Waiting:  for my daughters to leave to babysit this afternoon.  They have been babysitting the same three children for 5 years.  Whenever Hayley is in town, she loves to tag along with Kylie to do this.  She’ll be home one more week before returning to her summer ministry.

Sitting:  at my kitchen table.  Because the computer must stay out of reach of the Tiny Tornado.

Hugging:  Sawyer, who is trying to weasel his way onto my lap and peck his tiny tornado fingers all over my keyboard.

Feeding:  Sawyer another pouch.  Don’t judge.

Reading:  Goodnight Moon.

Receiving:  a kiss from Tiny Tornado after the part where I read, “Goodnight, moon.”

Multitasking:  for obvious reasons.

Knowing:  this little boy will grow up quickly just like my children did.

Thanking:  the Good Lord for the opportunity to have such a large part of his little life.

     What about you?  What are you doing currently?

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  1. This is so good to hear! I want to be as real as possible in my writings so people can relate and hopefully be encouraged. Thanks for following, Deanna, and guess what – tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Woo hoo!

  2. Will pray for you and these things. Sesame Street, took the little ones to see them live last week. You can show your little one on the screen. It is in my Thankful Friday post. I have to get off this computer right now so I can start my day.

  3. I saw that you mentioned it in another post – gotta do the SS! Thanks for your prayers, headed over to thankful Friday! Girl, this computer sucks you in, huh?! Ack!

  4. Fruit pouches. Super Grover. Mission trips. What a gamut you span!

    I'm just now making it over after a busy weekend. Can't figure out when you wrote this but it looks like it may have been BEFORE "Goodnight Moon" was on my mind last night. We really are running the same wavelength, aren't we?

    Loved the precious pictures of you and Tiny Tornado.

    Praying for all that may be ahead with your shoulder as I type these words.
    Also telling God that He is a good picker. He picked a good one for me to find as I dipped my toes into this part of blogging this week. You are such an encourager. Please know that your words and your support this week made all the difference. I pray you are being encouraged as you encourage.

    Here's to another week!

    Embracing the journey ~ Christi

  5. Yes! I scrolled through Twitter this morning and I thought, "how ironic is that?!" So I favorited.
    Thank you for your words. They were a balm to my soul, and exactly what I am aiming for. The encouragement of others. Thank you for your prayers – I await the scheduling of an MRI.
    I feel exactly the same about you, my new friend. You're right. This is a God thing.

    Have a good evening, and I will see you on the "trail" this week! 😉

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