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Currently – a peek into my day

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I’m currently staring at a decked-out Christmas tree, flanked by a jumparoo on one side and a couch on the other.  I don’t know how the decoration scene looks at your house, but my living room gets a little squished this time of year.

My husband likes to complain about it.  In fact, he’s made it a tradition to protest, insisting it’s time to keep the tree in our basement family room.

That goes over like a lead balloon; no one pays attention, we haul up the artificial tree box and get busy.

(He’s just kidding anyway.  He also prides himself in getting people riled.  We try not to accommodate.)

While I’m pondering how to best organize my living room area, I thought I’d give you my tri-monthly update on what I’m doing currently.



Currently-a peek into my day; guiding my son into cooking long-distance with very few ingredients. Empty nesting/cooking, fashion for the middle-aged mama.


Currently, I’m



At the text I received from my son while preparing tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch:


Can you FaceTime me in like 30 seconds?


Of course the answer was a hands-down yes.  Any time I get to talk to my only son who lives 4 1/2 hours away I’ll take it.

The question?


How many ingredients do I need to make Shepherd’s Pie?  Does it take a lot of stuff?


<Insert grin.>

The boy is turning into a man-cook.  His sisters and I double as the 24/7 Hot Meal Help Line.


What do you have in your pantry?

Spaghetti, shells and cheese, instant mashed potatos, and garlic salt.

Do you have anything in your refrigerator?

Ketchup and ground beef.

No milk or eggs?

Nope.  Ran out yesterday.


My heart squeezed tight.  I made a mental note to stock up on spices and other essentials including a Kroger gift card.


Shepherd’s Pie takes ground beef, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and cheese.

I don’t have corn.

Do you have peas?

No.  I don’t have any vegetables.


Mental note #2:  add canned vegetables to the list.


Ok.  You can just make it without.

What if I make the mac n cheese and put it in there too?


How would I layer that?


While I talked him through that, he discovered three frozen chicken tenderloins in his freezer.

I explained how to cook homemade chicken noodle soup, substituting spaghetti for egg noodles.  And I gave him a tip on how to make spaghetti sauce with just ketchup and garlic salt.

Turns out, living in destitution in the early years of marriage pays off;  it’s good preparation for helping your kids figure out dinner with three ingredients (as you take a trip down memory lane).


Currently-a peek into my day; guiding my son into cooking long-distance with very few ingredients. Empty nesting/cooking, fashion for the middle-aged mama.




My bed as my office (laptop notwithstanding) because I’m tired of my office chair.



If my doctor will have any news for me tomorrow.  I’ve experienced increasing leg pain for months, and they can’t seem to pinpoint the problem. Leaning towards residual from a bout with Lyme’s Disease a few years back.



At my bedside clock.  4:26PM.  My youngest is downstairs studying for finals and I promised a half-way decent dinner for the two of us.  Usually, I cook for four, but hubby flew out of town today and our third-born is visiting friends in Ohio.



At an earlier phone call with my dad’s doctor’s office.  I double as a healthcare manager on my free-time.  The phone call was less than ideal.  Sometimes it’s not the providers so much as it is the office help.



A text from a young mama friend shopping for a Christmas gift her mom would love.  I double as a fashion advisor for middle-aged mama-wear.

This post contains affiliate links.  Should you choose to purchase certain advertised items, I will receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you, which will help keep this blog up and running!  You may view my policies here.



A photo of my church outfit snapped last Sunday and posted on Instagram:

Dabbling a bit in fashion just for fun because women my age ask where I buy my clothes.

By “women my age” I mean 44-55ish. And usually the answer is Anne Taylor Outlet. ?

I think as we transition through releasing children/welcoming grandchildren, we sometimes get to feeing under-confident in the clothing department. We want to dress trendy but we don’t want to look like we’re A. Stuck in the ’80’s, or B. Still trying to pull off 29 (aka TOTAL DENIAL).

?I assembled today’s outfit via different layers/years from my closet, but my newest purchase is my first pair of booties on Black Friday from T.J.Maxx!

?Skirt, sweater, and black/gold sparkle tights: Anne Taylor (Item not exact).

?Sleeveless gold shimmer blouse: J.C. Penny’s. (Item not exact.)

?IMPO Round Toe Dress Booties: T.J. Maxx – $29.99. If you like my boots and love a good bargain, you can order them online through my aff link at no extra cost to you. You’re welcome!









A Christmas blog post on outfit gift ideas for moms 44-55ish, called Christmas gifts for mom:  10 great outfits she’ll love!  Stay tuned – it’ll be on the blog soon!



You a very Merry Christmas season.  I pray you take time each day to kneel in our Lord’s presence.

…Even if it is in a living room crammed full of baby gear and Christmas decorations!


The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;

For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
    and his name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
    Isaiah 9:2a, 6, ESV






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