The day I found an awesome surprise in my spam folder, I was completely taken aback! Heads up - go check your spam folder too! You may be missing something important!

The day I found an awesome surprise in my spam folder

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The day I found an awesome surprise in my spam folder, I was completely taken aback! Heads up - go check your spam folder too! You may be missing something important!



Spam folders can be a double-edged sword, know what I mean?

They’re good for catching the bad stuff, but sometimes you miss the good stuff in the process.

Have you ever waited for a letter in the mail for what seemed an eternity – and never received it?

Ok, probably not unless you’re my age.  But back in the dark ages before email, folks relied on the US Postal Service to keep us abreast of friends living cross-country.

I once waited for a letter from a certain young man I was sweet on.  Having been accustomed to hearing from him 3-4 times a week, I plunged into the pits of despair after day five.

He finally wrote…two weeks later.

There was another girl.

Looking back, I’m thankful for the outcome.

I found the man of my dreams and my life mate a few years later and that’s all she wrote!  (Ahem – so to speak.)


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#Spam folder problems

Last week a sweet blogger friend contacted me on Facebook saying to check my email because she’d sent me something.

I checked – nothing.

And then I went to spam.


In the spam folder was a personal email from her asking for my physical address because she told me to be on the lookout for something she was sending via snail mail!

How AWESOME is that???

So sweet and thoughtful.  And to think, I almost missed it.

Isn't she the best?!

Gifts from Michelle at – isn’t she the best?!  Just because she loves me!

And just as I finished up this post today, her gift arrived in the mail!

But not only did I find her personal email – I found all her blog emails I had signed up for a couple of months ago were there too!!!

ACK!! (Every blogger’s nightmare.)

By the way, her name is Michelle from Grammietime, and she has a killer Almond Bark Recipe you might want to check out.  My girls and I made this and it is super simple and soooo yummy!

She’s so awesome.  Go check out her website.  She’s a mom and grammie like me!



What I’m trying to say to you, my blogger-reading friend is, if you’ve ever signed up for email from me…

check your spam folder.


Because I’m pretty sure some of you aren’t receiving my blog posts.

This happened just last week to a new email subscriber.  I noticed she hadn’t confirmed her email to receive my blog posts and newsletter.

Because I knew her personally, I contacted  her to check.

Spam folder again.

So take a quick peek right now.

I’ll wait.

Anything?  Yes?  No?  It should say, “RearReleaseRegroup Newsletter”.

Ok, moving on.


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Can we talk?

So maybe you didn’t sign up for email.

But can I ask you a question?

Why not?

If you like my blog posts but only follow me on Facebook, you are probably missing a lot of them.

When you sign up for email with Rear.Release.Regroup. you get:

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4)My personal newsletter once per week, designed to connect and encourage you.

5.)My blog posts.


So why not sign up today?  It’s easy!  Just click here to fill out your email, receive your free stuff, and start hanging with the Kewl Kidz! 🙂


Here’s how:

>You have the option of filling out your first and last name, but you don’t have to.

>Insert your email and hit the submit button.

>Check your email for a confirmation email.

***If the email isn’t there, check  your spam folder!!!***

>Click “confirm” on that.

>Immediately you will be taken to my secret page on the blog!  (Shhhhh…don’t tell the others!)

Only new subscribers can see that page, and only for a limited time!  That is where you will access the free stuff!

Here is the free stuff:


Top 10 tips to rearing a confident young man!

This Christmas, sign up for the newsletter and receive 5 Secret Strategies to Keep your Marriage Thriving!


Important resource for moms!

Who doesn’t want that?!  Easy peasy!








Thank you for reading!

I know I’m all over the map on this post, but I needed to do a bit of housekeeping (only I guess you’d call it “blog-keeping”).

I do so appreciate you, dear reader!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me here if you have a mama burden you would like me to pray about.  I’m here to minister to you, and hearing from you helps me know how to do that better!


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  1. This is too funny. After you told me about my posts appearing in spam, I thought, that would be a neat post idea to remind people to do so. You beat me to it. Thanks for sharing my goodies, didn’t expect that. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You are a blessing to me.

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      And the thing is, I’d already written the shout-out to you and everything! The package arrival just made the whole post come together, and it was so thoughtful and lovely. I LOVED the note on the card – that was my favorite! Girl, I am so blessed that you came into my life this year! You have been a true blogging friend and I am grateful.
      Oh, and you can write a post about spam too, I don’t have a patent on it! Put your own spin on it and go for it, girlfriend! 🙂 Much love to you!

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