Find time to read your Bible with these 6 hacks!

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Can’t find time to read your Bible?

Do you think you can’t find time to read your Bible?  There was a time when I thought that way too. Chatting with a friend, I exclaimed, “I just don’t have time to sit down and read my Bible when there are a million other things to do!” I went on to explain that I knew it was important but it was next to impossible. From the moment my eyes opened, I was in mom mode and once I finally laid down at night I would instantly fall asleep.

6 ways to find time to read your Bible

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Find time to read your Bible

However, even with my proclamation, my friend urged me to find the time and to think of reading my Bible in a different way.


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I left the coffee date pondering her challenge. Honestly, she was not wrong, I was stuck in a mindset. I thought, “To find time to read your Bible, you need quiet space”. And not only that, I needed at least thirty minutes to sit, pray, read, and reflect. As a mom of two very little kids, this had seemed impossible.


My presumptions about reading Scripture

But now as I thought about it all, I wondered if I needed to let go of the routine and regulations. In my desire to find time to read the Bible, even as a mom of littles, I decided to do some research. I started checking out podcasts and books about devotional time and motherhood.


The more I listened and read the more I realized a beautiful truth: There is no perfect way to read your Bible. There is not a time frame we have to meet or rules to follow. God does not call us to perfection but to Himself to grow and connect.


Today, I want to encourage you. If you are in a season where it seems impossible, I want you to know that with God, it is possible.

Find time to read your Bible with these 6 hacks!

6 Simple ways to find time to read your Bible

Here are six tips to help you find time to read your Bible, even in the busy seasons.


1.)  Find time to read your Bible by reading one verse or passage

Instead of feeling like you have to read a few chapters or follow a daily reading plan, just read a verse. I love reading a Psalm or Proverbs a day and it always speaks to me in different ways.


2.)  Set out your Bible and supplies the night before

I recently heard a few people mention this idea and it is brilliant! I always lay out my workout clothing and items so I am ready to go, so why not set up my devotional space?


3.)  Have something for your kids to do while you read

I have used a morning basket concept while I read my Bible and I also have used screen time. You can mix it up and figure out what works best for your kids so you can find time to read your Bible.


4.)  Prepare your coffee ahead of time

If you are planning to start your day reading the Bible, I highly suggest preparing your coffee the night before. It is so wonderful to wake up to coffee brewing or just have to hit the on button.

How to find time to read your Bible

To find time to read your Bible in the mornings, prepare your coffee the night before – it makes a HUGE difference!

5.)  Listen to the Bible

You can easily mix things up and find time to read your Bible by listening to the Bible using the Bible app!


6.)  Keep your Bible open

A final tip is to read your verse or passage and then leave your Bible open on the counter. This can be a great reminder throughout the day of what you read.


The truth about reading Scripture

With these tips you can see that our lack of time does not have to hinder Scripture reading. We can spend time with God in the little moments of the day and take the time to fill our minds with truth. In every phase, we will adjust and figure out a new rhythm and when we are able to do that, we will be able to connect with the Word of God.


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How to find time to read your Bible


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  1. These are all great and truthful thoughts! Start small and then grow. The first time I tried to read my Bible through when my kids were little was T.O.U.G.H!! I basically got nothing out of it because my mind was wandering, and it was way too much for me at that time in my life. I think it’s important for our families (husbands included if possible) to see their mama (wife!) in the Word. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Post

      Oh my goodness I couldn’t imagine trying to read the Bible through with littles around. It may be possible through listening, however. Anyway, yes, it’s gotta be bite sized and do-able. And yes to the kids seeing us in the Word. Mine grew up knowing what mom was doing on the couch when they stumbled downstairs in the mornings! <3

  2. Yes! I love this post! During the busy season of mothering little ones, I often neglected time in God’s Word because I thought it had to be done a certain way. What freedom and joy comes in letting go of the”ideal” and just focusing on connecting with Jesus in an intentional way – even if it’s unconventional and creative!

    1. Post

      I feel your pain – and so does Keri (the author of this post)! I kept the bar raised WAYYYY too high when I had littles, and for that very reason, created a barrier between God and I. Easy to do – but we are redeemed and sanctified through Christ alone – not our works. <3

  3. I can’t remember whether I commented on this or not, but I love the idea of mom’s not overwhelming themselves. So often, I feel less than because I cannot make the time daily. I feel like I should be able to make time for God because He is always there for me, but that’s not what He needs. He needs me to be open and flexible and to give Him my best from where I am now. Love these ideas 💕

    1. Post

      You sure did, but that’s ok cause I LOVE comments! lol! I think it’s more about where you keep your mind and your desires for Christ. It’s simpler than we think. We shouldn’t stop trying to get in the Word, yet we shouldn’t let skipping devotions define us as unworthy, either. <3

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