The first way to help when someone is in crisis

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Have you recently received devastating news? Do you know someone who is in crisis?

Perhaps you have a child in rebellion–who needs God and is wandering.

Maybe you have an elderly parent facing serious health problems.

Or possibly you just need a quick save from yelling at your child, losing your temper on your husband, or spewing forth pent up emotions all over your family.



 The first way to help when someone is in crisis; prioritizing the power of prayer, even in busy situations.


Nehemiah received devastating news as he went about his business as the cheerful king’s cupbearer.

When he asked his friends, “What news from home?”  They told him a sad, horrifying story of devastation and loss.

He was in a position to do something about it.  After all, He served in the presence of the king on a daily basis.


Nehemiah’s first reaction to crisis

Did he run headlong to the king and ask for help?  After all, the king was the most powerful person he knew, the one who could change everything!

Nope.  He sat down, wept, mourned, fasted, and prayed to God for days.

He did not rush headlong willy-nilly asking God for what he wanted.

Nehemiah must have been a very patient (and wise) man.

He opened his prayer by praising God.


God, God of heaven, the great and awesome God, loyal to His covenant and faithful to those who love Him and obey His commands (vs5, The Message)


This was an emergency.  Nehemiah had a giant problem on his hands, and the means by which to solve the problem.  He needed to go talk to the king and get this ball on the roll.

But first he

>>Prayed and



We always have the option to send up a quick prayer right when we need it.  Prayer is at our fingertips day and night, no matter what, God will hear–and help!

But there is something else needed in order to be prepared when someone is in crises.

It’s a foundational prayer life.

Nehemiah knew this was needed, so he stopped the presses right then and went to work, communing with His God.


Are we too busy to pray?

I’m sure Nehemiah had things to do that day.  He may have been on his way to a cup polishing convention.  Or perhaps he needed to look over his notes before teaching a class on how to hold cups properly for a government official.  Nehemiah had a very important job – a cup bearer was nothing to sneeze at!

When we read stories in Scripture where people stop and pray, do we assume they had nothing else on the docket that day?

I mean really, who has just nothing to do?

Especially moms?

I know what it’s like to have a list a mile long and very little time in which to accomplish it.

But we must remember Who we serve.

Glorifying God must be our ultimate goal!  And raising our children to do the same is kingdom work!

Mom, take the time to fit in prayer.  Remember the War Room movie?  The hype and excitement has died down a bit, but the message is the same.  God is powerful, and He hears our prayers.

If this sounds like something you’d like to delve into further, here’s information on how to specifically make time for God and how to pray powerfully to get answers.

For today, let’s remember to take the time to pray.

Even if it is cup polishing day!



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