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It’s time for Five Minute Friday over on Katemotaung’s blog!  Set the timer, write for five minutes, and post!  Today’s word prompt:  blue.

Blue has always, always been my favorite color. 

Not navy blue.

Baby blue – only a bit darker.

My wedding colors were blue and peach.

My first kitchen my husband and I painted a garish Williamsburg Blue.  (May I just say looking back – WOW.)

My first Christmas tree as a young wife had blue accents.

I decorated all the homes we’ve lived in with blue accents.

And now, as I look around my home – I don’t see so much blue.

We grow, we change, we tire of colors.

Just like that terrible green and yellow of the ’70’s.

Ok, my favorite color is still blue.

But I no longer obsess about it in every single room of my home.

I have two children with blue eyes, two with green.

Everything’s better with blue bonnet on it.

I’m so blue hoo hoo blue hoo hoo blue hoo hoo hoooooo

I’m so blue – I don’t know what to do.

I never got the baby blues.


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  1. Hi, Ruth! I'm a new visitor to your blog and your FMF neighbor this week!

    I liked the random aspect of your words here. The prompt brought out heaviness in me, so it was nice to read something lighter. I laughed when you talked about painting your kitchen; my husband has told me that he never wants to paint our house again!

    Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Do you live in Texas? My sister is there with the blue bonnets seasonally, and posted a sweet family photo in them a month or so ago. I'm a mom and fellow blogger on the FMF link up #27 today. 😉
    Glad to see your blog! I don't think I've been here before.

    I too love blue. But, my favorite color has never been blue. I decorate with it a lot now though…ocean blue. We live in Florida…almost everyone embraces the beach accents around here.

    I grew up liking yellow, purple, and now green. We do change. I loved this post. Glad I got to "meet you!" Are you coming to the retreat? I am. 🙂 Jenn

  3. Hey Jennifer! No, I'm from West (by God) Virginia! But we had a place in Florida and I SO loved it! I did decorate with a blue theme there because it just fits so well, you're right! And no, I'm not coming to the conference – maybe next year! Have fun and learn lots!

  4. You are good. It would take me five minutes just to come up with the second sentence. I will have to try this in practice first. I am so editing it like a million times I would stress to finish in five minutes. I love reading these on your blog. Blue, a lovely color especially in all the different shades.

  5. I thought of that Madame Blueberry song just as soon as the prompt came up, too :). I remember picket out our wedding china–it has grey and mauve in it–we've never had a house that even remotely matched our china. Sigh. Now I'm pretty sure I wouldn't WANT a house that matched ;). It's nice to 'meet' you–this is the first time I've seen you at FMF (but then, I don't ever get a chance to visit every single post 😉 ).

  6. YES!!! I'm SO glad somebody got the Madame Blueberry reference! I laughed at your china comment. I have bone china with peach accents that has never matched anything either. Still wondering how to get rid of it…nice to meet you too! This is my fourth week with fmf. Love the name of your blog!

  7. I somehow end up with a lot of blue in my house as well–blue and gray. My husband says I'm not allowed to paint anymore rooms. 😉 Stopping by today from FMF!

  8. Oh what a fun post. I remember all those decorating Blues. I enjoyed visiting you. I didn't see a button to follow you. (I don't follow through email) I came by from FMF. I linked too. Come over and say hi.

  9. Thanks for reading and enjoying! So nice to have you pop over. My social media buttons are embedded in my header picture at the top of my page. Heading over now!

  10. I've seen this "five minute Friday' challenge around the interwebs and I must say it does look like fun (Might have a crack at it myself sometime). Your post certainly made my smile! #DanceWithJesus

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