How to gain freedom from long-term habits with small wins!

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Gaining freedom from long-term habits doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.  And by long-term habits, I’m not referring to bad or socially unacceptable habits.  It’s the commonplace habits – such as picking up my iphone to check my email 15 times a day.

Scrolling through Facebook for 30 minutes…oops.

And checking back and forth from one ap to another to make sure I’m catching all my comments and “likes”.

Have I gone mad?  Is this real life?  When did my phone become my whole world?

It gives me pause –

Could I get through one day without checking my phone?

As you may know, the 31-Day Clutter-free Mind Challenge for distracted moms is still going strong. It’s completely revamped how I use my phone.



How to gain freedom from long-term habits through mini-challenges and break down goals into bite-sized pieces. Featuring social media-free weekend!


Testimonies of freedom from long-term habits

Here’s what successful graduates are saying about the challenge:



This has all been worth it – the thinking, the planning, the cuts, and the bleeding. Funny, the cuts and bleeding didn’t actually hurt too badly because God was ready to heal as soon as I was ready to dig in to do the work.



I have really felt the benefits of the challenge!
One day I had no electricity for almost 3 hours.
I home-ed my kids and hadn’t realised until today that we spend a lot of time with the TV on and using the Internet…my kids are only 17-months old and 4 years old!!
We have had a great day! Playing wrestling each other, tickling and chasing around the house, reading books and so on! It was so nice to connect with them.
I’m cutting TV watching down by an hour a day to start with and then I plan to extend that. I’m setting an alarm on my phone to switch off the TV for 1 hour everyday.



My schedule doesn’t look like everyone else’s schedule and that’s ok. Waking up with my husband every morning is a blessing. Cutting things out gives me a chance to let others know how needed and loved they are. My needs reflect what I really care about and what’s important to me. It’s OK to give those things time!


Friends, even though I’ve been working on the challenge for a solid month now, I’m still finding I need to cut more long-term habits.  And guess what?

It feels GREAT.

I’m not constantly looking at my phone anymore.  I’m making eye contact with my people.  I’m actually hearing what they’re saying and interacting with conversations.

I’m not distracted.


How to gain freedom from long-term habits through mini-challenges and break down goals into bite-sized pieces. Featuring social media-free weekend!



Changing long-term habits is a work in progress/ cutting out Something Else

And now, it’s time for Phase II:  The Tweaking Process

I worked through the challenge and got my schedule up and running, but found I was still too busy.

Slowly, the Holy Spirit’s nudging that Something Else had to go dawned on me.

So I returned to my schedule and cut Something Else out.  Know what it was?



Yep.  That one hurt a little.

I love Instagram.  The pretty pictures, interaction, and nice comments people leave on my graphics give me a quick boost and sense of connection.

I enjoy creating graphics of inspirational quotes and Scripture.

And my ego loves that people love it too.

{Gulp some more}

However, I was spending 30 minutes every morning creating those graphics.  Once I began the challenge, I switched graphic creation to evening.  But that was interfering with my family time.

Something Else had to go.

First, I removed it from my phone for 14 days.  Next, I added it back in, but removed myself from a sharing pod nad the sharing schedule I had placed on myself.  I have to say, I missed it a lot at first, but having it off my phone has kept my eyes connected with others even more!


Social media-free weekends

Choose one weekend a month (or all) to go social-media free!  If not the whole weekend, try one entire day on the weekend, or even Friday nights from 5:00 PM on!


I keep running to God’s Word and prayer for insight into slowing down and focusing on what He wants, and He is showing me step by step!

I have taught you the way of wisdom;
    I have led you in the paths of uprightness.
When you walk, your step will not be hampered,
    and if you run, you will not stumble.  ~Proverbs 4:11-12


How to gain freedom from long-term habits through mini-challenges and break down goals into bite-sized pieces. Featuring social media-free weekend!



How to take baby steps to letting go long-term habits

And what about you?  Do you find technology is still soaking up all your time? Do you have a huge time-wasting habit, but you don’t want to let it go?

What if you tried it for just 5 days, two weeks, or a month?

Here’s what I propose.  Let’s do this together.

1.)   Join the 31-Day Clutter-free Mind Challenge here.  You have the option to join the Facebook group, and then post what you’re going to cut out and for how long.  We’ll keep you accountable!

2.)  Join the Summer Iphone Challenge!  (See video below.)



Mini challenges are do-able.  They make change habits much easier.  And I’ve got a BUNCH up my sleeve for you!

Curious?  Join here and let’s get started making space for things that matter, shall we?







PS You don’t have to be a member of the 31-Day Clutter-Free Mind Challenge to participate in Social Media-Free Weekend (although I hope that you will – more fun for everyone, right?).  Just mark yourself as going here, and you’re in!

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  1. Oh, boy, this was well-timed for me. I’ve been struggling with balance lately and talking to the Lord about how to reduce my burden so that I can do the things He asks me to do and do them well. I already sent out one text this morning to reduce the load, but now I’m thinking I need to take a second look and see what else needs to go! Thanks, Ruthie! 🙂

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      God has been speaking to me hard core about this and so I’m glad you found it helpful too! I think we take on way more than we realize because we don’t know our limitations (or don’t want to admit them). I’m trying to practice honesty in that area this year. 🙂

  2. This is wonderful! My phone started acting up recently and most of my apps (like Facebook) don’t work very well. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise – keeps me out of Facebook so much because it’s so frustratingly slow 🙂 Need to find more ways to cut back and give more time back to my family.

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