Funny quotes from the week

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Jim:  “So when do we blow up the house with the science project?” (The girl’s lab science kit came in the mail this week.)

Kylie:  “So French is basically just mumbling everything you say.”

Taryn:  (Mid-sentence on the phone with her boyfriend), “Is that – EWWWW, YUCKY!!!  What is that?!?  Is that cat throw up outside?  Is that GUTS?!?” (Drama Queen)

Nolan:  “Everyone at school already knows my name.  I’m the only Nolan.  Everyone knows who I am.”

Hayley:  “When I was little, I thought a concubine was a spikey chestnut that fell from a tree.”

Jim:  “Are you gonna wash your hair today?  It looks like you stuffed your whole head in a tube sock and slept in it.” (Yes, he said that to me.)

Me:  (Watching people on TV trying to catch Kangaroos and check their babies) “So after they catch them in the net,  why do they want someone to come pull their tails – so the baby comes out?”

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