How to gain the reward of prayer refreshment; 6 effective tips for stressed moms in order to come away renewed and refreshed.Gaining strength through prayer

How to gain the reward of prayer refreshment

Ruthie Rearing 4 Comments

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Have you ever felt detached from God, like He isn’t hearing your prayers?  Do you wish for reassurance and peace, sending up frazzled prayers throughout the day?

Many times when overcome by a deep need for connection with God, seeking peace and direction, I’ve fallen to my knees on my worn, blue carpet by my quilted bedside.

After pouring my heart out to God, no matter the surrounding turmoil, I always rise to my feet solid, renewed, and refreshed.

My prayer sanctuary has remained a place of comfort through financial troubles, teen-rearing dilemmas, and elderly caregiving decisions.

There is a simple, yet effective way to gain refreshment through prayer that many don’t realize.  It’s something so basic that it’s often overlooked, yet vitally important.


How to gain the reward of prayer refreshment; 6 effective tips for stressed moms in order to come away renewed and refreshed.Gaining strength through prayer.


One overlooked tactic for refreshment through prayer

Have you ever prayed aloud?

I don’t mean in church, in a small group, or with another person.  I’m talking about praying aloud by yourself.

Silent prayer is good and necessary.  Scripture says we are to pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17).  However,  crying out to God while pushing a grocery cart crammed with kids through Target may bring on the guys in white coats.  (I realize you may feel like doing that anyway if you’re trying to shop with kids.)

But if you really want a sense of connection, get alone and pray out loud.

Yes, your people will think you’re crazy.  Just tell them, “Mama’s gotta talk to God, give me some time,” and be sure to let them know you’re mentioning their names too (you know – not as a threat but kinda).


How to gain the reward of prayer refreshment

1.)  Get on your knees

Why?  Because it’s uncomfortable!  You won’t fall asleep and you’ll get work done.  There’s a reason knee posturing is mentioned frequently in Scripture (see 1 Kings 8:54, Daniel 6:10, Matthew 9:18, Acts 7:60, and Acts 9:40).  When believers really got serious with God about needs, they knelt!


2.)  Praise God

Spend a few minutes in adoration.  Scripture says God inhabits the praises of His people.  He dwells in our praise. Praise Him for His holiness, righteousness, faithfulness, and power, among other things.   If you need help with praises or prayer, you can download free,  6 powerful Scripture prayers for the overwhelmed mom.


3.)  Search your heart

Ask God to reveal any sin you’ve been harboring.  Perhaps you’re not even aware of pride, worry, or selfishness.  Open your soul, let Him spill His light inside, and ask forgiveness.  He’s ready and willing!


4.)  Pour out your requests

Let God in on your life.  Tell him about your marriage, your money strains, your fears.  Lay it all out loud and clear before Him, don’t leave anything out.


5.)  Don’t forget to thank

Finally, be sure to thank Him for what He’s already done in your life if you haven’t already.  Let your mind focus on the good and perfect gifts God has provided and continues to daily. Don’t forget to thank Him for dying for your sins and for the gift of not only eternal, but abundant life!  You don’t ask a friend a favor and then dash off, do you?  Let’s not treat our Savior that way.


You may not think you have time for praying aloud.  Your house is small, people will hear you, kids and husband are clamoring for attention.

Remember what Susanna Wesley, mother of 19 children, did when she needed to pray?   She covered her head with an apron!

Hey, do whatcha gotta do.  Just don’t use excuses.

Do you want peace?  Do you need hope?  Are you desperately searching for answers?

You can’t afford NOT do do this!

God brought me through financial struggles and teenage roller coasters.  He continues to walk me through the roles of care giver, Gigi, babysitter, and the increasing empty nest adjustment.

I’m not saying you have to pray on your knees.  We can pray anywhere in any posture.  But let’s get serious and pray out loud, instead of just inside our minds with our jumbled thoughts.  There’s something truly refreshing about time spent speaking aloud with God.

I’ll be visiting my worn, blue carpet again soon (I desperately want wood floors but I don’t think my knees could take it).  How about you?  Do you have a special spot to cry out to the Lord and gain refreshment through prayer?


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Comments 4

  1. Ruthie, your words to me today are perfect. Prayer needs to be a priority, and I forget sometimes that it’s more than a responsibility — it’s a means that God provided for refreshing my soul!

    1. Post

      He surely did, Michele! I love how even when He asks us to do something (walk in the Spirit, develop fruits of the Spirit, etc.) He provides the means necessary! It truly is life abundant!

  2. I really need this today, Ruthie! I am struggling, wondering why God hasn’t answered my prayers yet. It seems as if my whole world is falling apart all around me.
    I already pray out loud a lot. My husband and son are gone from the house quite a bit because we live on a farm and there is always something for them to do. So I walk around talking to God.
    It is good to be reminded that I need to praise Him and thank Him too. Thank you!! I am going to go do some praising and thanking now.
    Have a blessed day.

    1. Post

      I’m so glad you found some comfort here, Lisa. It sounds like you’re already doing the right things – make sure you’re soaking in the Word as well. I’ll be posting some practical ways to do that soon, but Scripture memorization is so good – writing on 3×5 cards and ruminating on the verses while memorizing does so much good for your mind! Remember to be patient in well-doing. Jesus didn’t say it was going to be easy or that we would get what we ask for immediately. In fact, He said it would be hard, but to ask in faith for what we know He wants – like fruits of the Spirit and our own Spiritual growth as well as the growth of others. Hang in there, gal!

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