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Saturday began very early with Jim and Nolan going to Jim’s hunting property (“the farm”, which isn’t a farm at all, just a bunch of woods, but he calls it a farm), and I met my running buddy, Andrea, for a 6 mile trek.

Nolan arrived at 6:20 (from the dorm) complete with an armful of dirty clothes and a smile for mom.  One nice thing about kids moving away from home – they learn to appreciate it. This happened when Taryn moved to Liberty University, she found out not everybody enjoyed a good home life.  Upon returning home to commute to Concord, she actually started staying in most evenings to be with us.  This is the kid who was born with a purse on her arm and couldn’t wait to leave!

As I stepped on the porch in the semi-darkness I spotted something in the driveway.  Upon closer inspection I realized it was a pair of Nolan’s underwear.  Guess he dropped that out of the wad, maybe I should get him a laundry basket.

The run was great, afterward I stopped by the YMCA to sign up for the 10k next Saturday.  Andrea and I have been working toward this goal all summer, and although we’re not fast, we are ready!  We are both short and have stubs for legs, that’s why we make great running buddies.  This will be our first 10k!

I got home and Taryn was already gone to work – don’t get to see her much these days between work, school, and THE boyfriend.  I miss her, but I know it’s God’s way of preparing me for her to leave and be on her own.

The girls and I took a bike ride on a little traveled trail with leaves in the path, signs of fall in the air. There is a little over a 1 1/2 mile climb, then a nice, fast coast back down.  Kylie likes us to talk on the way up to distract her from the fact that it’s hard work, so we caught up on general news and fun stuff, and then sailed back down twice.  It was a nice 6 1/2 mile ride.

Lunch today was at Honeybaked Ham, a treat for the three of us – our special place.  Hayley heard this week that Blue Smoke Salsa is going out of business and she has been very concerned that we go right out and buy a bunch of it before we can never get it again, it’s her favorite. When I suggested Honeybaked Ham for lunch she got all excited and counted her money to buy some Blue Smoke because they sell it there.  At the end of our lunch Kylie said, “Oh, Hayley, you should go buy your Blue Smoke!” to which Hayley replied, “Well, I don’t know about that, I mean I thought we were in DANGER but there’s still so much here…” I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop.  “Mom, put the vein back in” Kylie responded to my outburst, both of them laughing at me and my vein that sticks out on my forehead when I laugh really hard.

We did a little shopping and it was hotter than blazes – lots of sunshine.  As I pulled into a parking space an old guy got out of his car and put up a giant black umbrella.  Hayley was like, “Wait – whaaa…” and Kylie burst out laughing as the dude proceeded to walk to the store under the umbrella in the brilliant sky.  They’d never seen that before.  They giggled all the way into the store.

The plan was to watch Pride and Prejudice upon our return home since our men aren’t too keen on that movie. Earlier in the week Netflix had sent it but the disc was cracked and Jim sent it back, requesting another.  Since the girls were the ones who hacked our account to push Pride and Prejudice to the top of the mailing list, they were quite anxious for the next one to come.  We popped corn, turned the lights off and the movie on at 6:30 PM during a quite lively thunderstorm.

Our men are back from a great (but hot) day, building a porch on their little cabin. Nolan’s laundry is in the wash, and things are winding down. This has been a good, good day.

(By the way, Nolan usually does his own laundry – don’t think I’m getting soft, here.  I just thought I’d be nice and help out.)

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