Goal setting: how to target God’s will and achieve victory

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Ten years ago I thought it was impossible to achieve victory in goal setting.  You see, I experienced a giant slump in my spiritual life.  I could have been the “Christian Failure” poster child.  Oh, I didn’t look that way on the outside.

But on the inside?

My heart was in turmoil.  Swirling thoughts inside my brain rang of doubt and failure.

I was on a downward path, walking a thin, grey line between truth and deceit.

But today, I can confidently say I’m nowhere near that path.  I’ve tasted the mercies of a good, good Father, and in the words of Psalm 118:5b, “The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place”.

Goal setting: how to target God's will and achieve victory with 7 key steps. Featuring Grace Goals; experience real transformation this year! #goalsettingDaily, I walk in the confidence of the Holy Spirit, renewing my mind; living victoriously through Christ.

Daily, God directs my choices and shows me exactly what to do, even in the smallest instances.

I am confident about my decision making and I know beyond a doubt that I am and can accomplish what He wants for me each day.

And not only that – I sense His presence as never before.  

Do you know how I got from that low slump to the path of victory?

How I learned to achieve victory

I reached an all-time low.  The crossroads between darkness and light loomed ahead and I could no longer walk the grey line.  There was no other alternative but to make a decision and stick with it.  Here’s what I did:

1.)  I submitted my will to God’s

2.)  I read the Word daily

3.)  I became accountable to others

4.)  I practiced living “forgiven”

5.)  I thought truth, prayed truth, read truth, and spoke truth

6.)  I ran all choices past Him

7.)  I let God use me to minister to others

Time passed, my kids began leaving home, and I experienced grief in the empty nesting phase.  As I sought God’s direction for how to fill my time, He lead me to this book by John Ortberg called, All the places to go.

Through reading that book, I realized God’s nudge towards writing – for other people to actually read (and not just my own diary musings).  As I took baby steps and pushed through doors, I became more confident.  I sensed God’s direction as never before!

Dear mom – there is no substitute for confidently walking in God’s will.  The inner joy is unsurpassed!

Blogging became a way of life as God directed my steps.  I prayed the prayer of Jabez, asking Him to enlarge my territory.

And then, I discovered Grace Goals.

A better way for goal setting

Goal setting: how to target God's will and achieve victory with 7 key steps. Featuring Grace Goals; experience real transformation this year! #goalsetting

Goal setting is a huge passion of mine!  I get all giddy come January with a fresh year and new goals.  But choosing to set my goals according to God’s amazing direction through Grace Goals took me to a whole new level.

Through Grace Goals, I tackled an issue I’d struggled with for years – anger and irritation.  Flare-ups and annoyances.  God lead me so directly that I wrote my first book.

It was on anger.  And it was GOOD.

Word started getting out and before I knew it, I’d established a substantial support group for angry moms.  The group grew and flourished, and I realized my calling for this season in life.

It was mentoring moms!

Of course!  It made perfect sense.  Motherhood – my biggest passion – was not to die in the empty nesting season.  I was to share that passion, and how to do it successfully, with other moms!

The vision continues – I wrote a second book, released a mom devotional app with some amazing ladies, and recently began one-on-one online coaching!

All because I said yes at that crossroads years ago.

Saying yes lead me to successful goal setting resulting in subsequent victories.  And Grace Goals is largely a part of my success!

Goal setting: how to target God's will and achieve victory with 7 key steps. Featuring Grace Goals; experience real transformation this year! #goalsetting


Grace Goals first launched in 2015 and it was fantastic.  But with the relaunch, Grace Goals offers even more value than before!

My success with goal setting

If you’re tired of fighting the same old battles and ready to step into confident, God-lead life, Grace Goals is for you.  Here’s a video of my success:

What is included with Grace Goals?

This year we have three different packages to choose from. All items are digital in nature and you will not receive anything in the mail.

1. The basic version includes the 48 page PDF ($15);

2. The ADVANCE version is just the online videos ($29) Please note the videos will release the week of December 26, 2017;

3. The ALL ACCESS version includes the PDF + videos + The One Hour Time Management Toolkit PDF+ The Grace Goal Planner PDF (reg $39).  

All packages include access to the private Facebook group for Grace Goals participants.

Dear mama, we all have phases where we struggle in life – just like I did all those years ago.

But God is FOR you.  You can win at life! And I’m living proof of that. Find out all about Grace Goals!

Goal setting: how to target God's will and achieve victory with 7 key steps. Featuring Grace Goals; experience real transformation this year! #goalsetting

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      Hi Melissa! I do too – it’s so important to let Him charter our course and not just plow headlong. Having a plan – with prayer, gives life purpose and us strength for the going!

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      Hey, Julie! Thanks so much for stopping by and blessing me with your kind words! And YES. I fully believe in this program – AJ has done an excellent job crafting it from Scripture and making it actionable!!

  1. I love how God used your empty nest season to be produce fruit . What I love the most is that you heeded God’s call.

    It is so important to set goals that ultimately bring glory to God .

    Blessings to you in the coming years.

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