Is God really good when bad things happen? Spiritual life lessons and Scripture truths for when life is hard to accept.

Is God really good all the time?

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Last year, my dad lost his teeth in a restaurant and they almost ended up in a dumpster.

I’m in the sandwich generation of life – with two small grandbabies, four grown children (two of which live at home), and my elderly parents.  If you’re in that stage of life, bless your heart.

It’s challenging – mentally changing gears to meet the needs of each set!  (And I thought I was busy when the kids were small!)  But it’s a different type of busy – good, but still hard at times, just like life.


Is God really good when bad things happen? Spiritual life lessons and Scripture truths for when life is hard to accept.

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When you lose your choppers

My dad had dental work which required false teeth.  His lower set gets uncomfortable, so sometimes he takes them out while he eats.

One Sunday, mom and dad went to dinner at a small local restaurant – you know, the type where everybody knows your name.  My dad grew up in our little town and so it’s a local meeting spot with a down-home feel.

Halfway through the meal, my dad took out his lowers and placed them in a napkin.

As he finished the meal, he and mom enjoyed chatting with some of the locals, then drove the three miles home.

As soon as they pulled in the driveway dad announced, “I gotta go back – I forgot my teeth!”

While they were chatting, the waitress cleared the napkins and plates for dessert, and dad forgot all about his choppers!

After they returned to the restaurant and explained the situation, they were told not to worry – the employees would go through the trash with sterile gloves and find the teeth.

Two giant trash bags later, they found them in the very bottom of the second bag.

My dad went home and sterilized them and he was back in business.  This is not the first time he’s walked off and forgotten his teeth – and there’s also a story about him waking one night and finding them on his pillow.

(False teeth have to be worn round the clock at first, and apparently, he sleeps with his mouth open.)


Is God really good when bad things happen? Spiritual life lessons and Scripture truths for when life is hard to accept. Faith is believing that God is good.



Is God really good all the time

Sometimes we doubt God is really good, don’t we?

But God knows all about you.  He knows where you are right now, what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, and where you’re going.

God knew my dad was going to lose His false teeth. He saw it happen at the restaurant, and He was the only One to witness it when they fell out of dad’s mouth during the night.

Can you imagine what a delightful sense of humor God has? He gets to see all the funny things that happen!  He designed that sense of humor.

{Wasn’t that good of Him?}

Do you believe that God is good?  I must confess, I doubt this truth sometimes.  Why?  Because I am human and only see one side of things – my side!

In his book, The Attributes of God,  A.W. Tozer says the rule is this:

If you can think it, God isn’t like that.  God isn’t like anything you know.


And God designed us that way – with limited understanding of His being and purposes.

In parenting your child, you do not allow him to do certain things – because you know better. He thinks you’re the worst parent ever and you can’t make a two-year-old understand that it would hurt him to eat paper, rocks and sharp things.

It’s not safe to sit in the road, run into oncoming traffic, or play in the fireplace.

He doesn’t understand these things because he’s young and immature.  At age two, he does not have the capacity to understand why – he only knows that HE WANTS TO REALLY BADLY but you won’t let him and therefore you must not love him.

Get the allegory?  Tozer says this:

When I say that God is good, that God has a kind heart, I mean that He has a heart infinitely kind and that there is no boundary to it.  When I say that God is good-natured I mean that He is infinitely so.  And God is not only infinitely good, He is perfectly good.  God is never partway anything!



Is God really good when bad things happen? Spiritual life lessons and Scripture truths for when life is hard to accept.




Is God really good when bad things happen?

We don’t understand why God allows certain things in our lives that we deem bad.  We don’t understand why God doesn’t allow other things we deem good.

We don’t have the perfect knowledge of God. 

But we do have His Word which tells us that He is good.

Psalm 36:7 says,

How excellent is Thy lovingkindess, O God!  Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Thy wings.


God is good and God is kind.  Even though we suffer in this life, God remains steadfast and sure.  Jesus suffered too, and God allowed it.

He allowed it so that we could have abundant, eternal life in Him.

He allows suffering for a little while in comparison to eternity.


When you lose even worse things than teeth

Maybe you’ve lost something of great value – or more importantly, someONE.

When we experience loss, it’s easy to doubt our Father’s goodness.  But that doesn’t erase the fact that He is still good.

God is the same, always.

We are the ones who change with the tide of emotions.

Won’t you lay those burdens at the cross today and take up Christ’s cross of faith and trust?  It’s a much easier burden to bear – Christ said His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

He sees our loss.  Now let’s trust His goodness and receive His peace today.


 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.  James 1:17


What keeps you from believing that God is good?


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  1. I love the story about your dad’s teeth, Ruthie. So funny and true to life. Like something that would happen to me! And this topic about God’s goodness is so important. A younger woman I’m mentoring is struggling to believe it with all the bombings, shootings, etc, that are going on in our country. But yes, He is GOOD. I believe it. Thanks for saying it like it is, Ruthie. I can always count on you for that when I come here. 🙂

    1. Post

      Haha, yeah, I’m almost honest to a flaw sometimes! LOL. So good to see you around these parts! It was so funny when dad told the story about getting out of bed and finding his teeth lying on his pillow! And yes, it’s hard to trust sometimes. So very hard. But the alternative? Worry? No thanks. Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. I had the same thing happen with retainers! Heart stopping for sure! Thankful your dad’s choppers are safe. Yes … in the big and the little … God is good. Thankful for this unchanging truth. Love your Tozer quotes!

    1. Post

      Hi, sweetie! Ah, so good to hear from you and see your lovely face. And yes, we had some retainer catastrophes as well – such a pain, right?! You know I love my Tozer. 😉 Have a blessed day and week, my CBB Buddy! xoxoxo

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