Got joy? 3 Tips for overwhelmed moms!

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Are you an overwhelmed mom seeking a little joy?  My featured guest is Keri, a young mama of 3 who’s blog mantra is choosing joy.



Got joy? 3 Tips for overwhelmed moms to choose joy over temper, depression, and bad attitudes. God has a better plan and here's how to find it.

Got joy?  3 tips for overwhelmed moms!

As I sat on the couch, my two boys and little girl snuggled next to me. A worn quilt covered us, warming our weary bodies. In the middle of what had been a chaotic day, joy was creeping into my soul and overshadowing all the stresses of the day. It had been a morning of ups and downs, but in that simple moment all was good. Suddenly, the tiring moments of the day seemed so small in comparison to the current moment.

While sitting on that couch, I thought a lot about choosing joy as a mom. Even though I desired a lifestyle that spilled joy everywhere, it seemed harder than I had imagined. Then the more I thought about it, the more I realized there are tips to help you choose joy today.  Click here to read the rest of Keri’s post!


But first, let me remind you of a special 7-day devotional series Sarah, Keri Snyder and I have designed for mothers seeking balance –

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Motherhood:  A Balanced Perspective blog series

Today’s post is the last in a series with Sarah Frazer, Keri Snyder, and I, sharing what God has taught us regarding balance in each of our parenting stages.

Sarah’s post:  3 Steps for Finding Quiet Time when Life is Loud and mine,

My post:  How to know when your kids have officially drivin you crazy (just kidding)

3 Positive Actions for when your Perfect Plans Fail


Motherhood:  A Balanced Perspective devotional series

Next, we’re going deeper on how to choose the good portion of balance with a 7-day devotional email series called, Motherhood:  A Balanced Perspective, launching the first week in March.

This email series includes Scripture, inspiration, and Mama Mantras to keep you balanced throughout your day.  We’ll also include a beautiful printable of the Mama Mantras for you to use as a visual reminder!


Meet the Balanced Perspective Team


Sarah, from

Sarah is a mother of four little ones (one adopted) and invites you to study God’s Word in your ordinary day. 

Keri, from

Keri is a momma of three who believes being intentional and choosing joy is a choice we get to make each day.

Ruthie, from

Ruthie is a momma to grown children and mentors moms to capture joy in each parenting transition.


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Sign up here join us for this important series – we can’t wait to share our discoveries with you!  Meanwhile, here is our first post in the blog series.  We’re praying that God teaches you exactly what He wants about His perspective on balance in motherhood.

But wait!  There’s more!


Join the Balanced Perspective Webinar

Thursday, March 2, at 8:30PM, we will be hosting a webinar to launch the email series, Motherhood:  A Balanced Perspective.  Please sign up here to reserve your spot (HINT:  there’s a special giveaway you won’t want to miss)!



Join the Balanced Motherhood team for your 7-day free devotional called Motherhood: a Balanced Perspective!



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