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     I know I am milking the holidays, but it’s always so hard for me to kiss them goodbye, I’m too sentimental about it.  It’s a problem – I wonder if there is a support group for people who hate to say goodbye to Christmas?  Ah well, to quote my eldest, “There’s always next year, mom!” I hate to tell you my gut response…you can probably fill in the blank. Young people are so optimistic and full of dreams.  It’s good to keep them around, they remedy the soul with their joy and laughter. 

   Having said all that, today I choose to put away the Christmas CDs, take down the last few lingering knick-knacks, and close the chapter on another year of Yule Tide celebration.  In so doing, I share with you a few shots of what our Christmas season looked like.  I hope you enjoy!

     These are the original two Gray babies of our family.  Every year my girls decorate the tree, and my son hangs one ornament.

                      This is how he hung it this year.  Sibling rivalry is not dead.  Ever.

Have I told you about my grand dog?  I got this Christmas sweater for him and he hated it.  You can tell by the picture.  Don’t you just love his Andy Rooney eyebrows?

                                          Every year “Peace on Earth” turns into something else. 
                                  You’ve no idea how many phrases can be made from these three words. 

    Christmas with my parents was extra fun this year – everyone had to figure out what person or thing they were from the Christmas story.

I had a lot of fun with this one – as you can see, so did everyone else!

                                                                         Charades – “Santa and Rudolph” 🙂

                    There’s nothing more fun than a cousin reunion – this bunch is crazy!!!

                   The glorious tree
                                                                   Fireworks at midnight from the front porch
The fam having a rare dinner together.  Some people can never be serious.

                  Ok, one more Murphy shot.  He just had to check himself out after donning
                        the new sweater.  It’s going to be bad when I get a real grand kid.

                                                             Happy New Year!!!


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