How to determine if your dream is from God

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“For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11


Have you ever possessed a desire burning deep in your soul that you later realized became a reality because it was placed there by God?

Growing up an only child, I dreamed of living as part of a big family. 

I became obsessed with the television show, “The Waltons”  because of the numerous siblings.  “G’night, John Boy!  G’night, Mary Ellen!  G’night Jim Bob!”  I even conjured up my own imaginary family, complete with two sisters and three brothers.  Each of them had a name, and we’d go outside and shoot hoops together. 

Eventually, the dream turned into marriage with six children.  
However, I settled for four.  “Why not six?” You ask.  Because one day after work, I looked at them, each clamoring for my attention, getting on my last nerve as I attempted to prepare dinner.  And I thought to myself, “This is it.  I can do no more.  NO MORE KIDS!”  I decided in that moment that my personality was not designed for chaos and if I had one more kid – well, let’s just say mama’s level of crazy was already nearing a 10.  On a scale of 1-10.
And then I had the surprise baby. 

You know – the one I DIDN’T plan.  All this time I’d convinced myself I was in charge of birth control – how many children I would bear, and how spaced apart they would be.  I thought this whole thing was MY dream. 
It took a long time for me to accept that pregnancy. 

Can you believe I was actually angry at God? 

After she was born, she had her days and nights mixed up, I got zero sleep, AND she was a Velcro child.  She never let me out of her sight – stood in between my legs, clinging to them while I fixed dinner.  “Three kids and one Velcro, please”.  Said no one, ever.  Not me, anyway.
Eventually, I realized what a selfish control freak I was and gave it over to the Lord.

I realized that He was in charge of this dream – not me. 

I set about raising four kids, and life was not without its challengesEven though work frequently took him away from us, my husband was supportive in his role as father.  When home, he remained actively involved – there was no checking out with him.  It took teamwork, and although it took a few years, we got our rhythm down and supported each other in this adventure called child rearing.
I loved being a mom.  Hearing about their school day, reading bedtime stories, attending ballgames, cooking savory meals.  I even took up homeschooling, which I adored.  It created a special bond between my kids and I.  Do you know what years were my favorites?  The TEENAGE years.  I know, I’m weird like that – I just love the sense of humor that comes with that age. 

So. Many. Laughs.


Before I realized what happened, they grew up. 

Who’s suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome?  This girl.  I had my dream, it came to fruition, and now, the kids are capable, functional, God fearing adults, seeking to earn college degrees and raise their own families.  I’m so very thankful, and so blessed to have had their lives entrusted to me for a short while. 
So guess what?  I can’t hold on to them forever.  It’s time to let go. 


Time for a new dream! 
It took a year of grief and floundering, but I’ve discovered my new dream.  It is to write words of  encouragement about child rearing, marriage, and humor in the everyday, all with Scripture as the anchor.  I’ve searched the Scriptures, prayed, sought the Lord for my next step in life, and He has given me a deep peace, while showing me this is what He most definitely wants me to do.
God plants dreams in our hearts for a reason. 

He gives each of us certain desires according to our personalities.  Sometimes we find ourselves wondering what we were thinking – dreaming  that dream in the first place once it comes true and we’re busting our keesters in the thick of it, but God gives strength to carry out the dream. 

I know what you’re thinking – “What about my dream that never materialized?”  I’ve had those kinds of dreams too.  God has His reasons for saying no to our dreams.  We may never know why, but we can trust our Maker that He knows best.  I find the best way to look at that is to realize He has a better plan, and He’s saving us from something that would possibly hurt us or turn us down a wrong path. 

There comes a point where we must relinquish our dreams to God, and trust Him with open hands and hearts. 

You’re never too old to dream – you just have to make sure your dream lines up with God’s.  “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4.  If you are delighting in the Lord and His Word, your ideas, plans, goals, and dreams will line up with His!

What is your dream?  How has God answered your dreams in the past?

“For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. “  Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. I love your post
    Dreams can be scary especially big ones and risky and can fill you with doubt if it van really happen. I love the scripture quote that says God wii grant us our hearts desire if we delight in him. My recent dream is to be a recording artist and glorify god in singing and to encourage and strengthen other believers and speak to the hearts of unbelievers with the songs i sing. All the while knowing that they all belong to God

  2. Thanks for reading Kerese! God can accomplish anything through us when it is in accordance with His will. He desires us to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit, and as we take on these characteristics, we learn His desires for us to carry out. Let Him lead your dream, and be Lord and Master of it. It is always in His will for us to encourage and strengthen other believers and to spread the gospel! God bless you as you seek to serve Him!

  3. Ruthie this is the first post I read this morning upon waking. Yes, I get your posts in my email box. This is beautiful and written from your heart. I love being mom too. Best role God ever gave me. I'm still trying to "let go" and some days are easier than others. Now that the grandbabies are here, it is much easier for sure. Your writes always get me thinking! God is using you my friend!

  4. Michelle, your words always encourage me! Thanks for being my friend. I'm on your email list too – imagine my surprise upon reading this morning's invite to Tuesday Talk! I'm so happy for you! (And secretly jealous – I've been eyeballing that group for a while now!) God is using you too!!

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