How to find God's will through your life - one thing I did to discover His will.

How to find God’s will for your life

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How to find God's will through your life - one thing I did to discover His will.


Are you desperately searching for God’s will for your life?  Do you find yourself in the midst of decision-making, not knowing which way to turn?

I wrote the following post as I emerged from a heavy fog of depression.

Two kids leaving for college at the same time had me floored.

This is how I worked through the next phase of life and discovered God’s definite leading.   At the time, I was babysitting Sawyer (number one grandson) almost daily.

Have you noticed that life is one continuously changing phase after another?  We wonder what God would have us do in this new place.

We ponder.  We pray.  We obsess.  We anxiously worry.


Changes occur


>new home




>passing of family members


>loss of friends through death or a severed relationship

>new church

>new life phase (such as empty nest, in my case).


Transitions in life seem overwhelming, even seemingly positive changes can be perceived in a negative light.

We’re uncertain of the next move.


Fill in the blank:

Now that __________, what is my role?  How do I handle this?  What’s the next step? 


We want a definite answer.

Written instructions–preferably via air mail from heaven.


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Divine instructions

God tells us in His Word what to do.  I’ve searched earnestly and found answers.

Three things:

     1.  Rejoice

     2.  Pray

     3.  Thank


“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is THE WILL OF GOD in Christ Jesus for you.” ~I Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV


Here’s how to know the will of God:


Rejoice always

If you know Jesus Christ as your Savior, you already have the number one reason to rejoice.

Christ died for your sins to wipe your slate clean, and give you a new lease on life:

1.)  freedom from sin and it’s grip

2.)  power through God to overcome and learn from through His Word and other believers

3.)  eternal life with God in heaven someday

And he didn’t stay dead – He came back to life, ministered to many here on earth, then ascended to heaven so that ultimately, you can have life with Christ and God forever in heaven with all believers (I Corinthians 15:3-8).



But there’s more.

Rejoice in the big things, rejoice in the small things, take joy in every blessing you receive!


Rejoice:  to feel or show great joy or delight. 

synonyms:  happiness, pleasure, joy, gladness, delight, elation, celebration, revelry, merrymaking.


What if I don’t feel like rejoicing?  What if my heart is heavy?  What if it’s all I can do to get up in the morning?


This verse shows that God does not wish a sad countenance for us.

And if Paul could do this, even though persecuted, in jail and in deplorable conditions, he must have known something about how to rejoice.


one time a day

one time a week

One time a year.


Rejoice always.

What was his secret?


Paul lived a life largely of imprisonment and persecution. What was his secret to joy? Click To Tweet


Pray without ceasing

Pray about:


>>people facing hard times

>>your own family

>>your own needs

And we don’t have to be on our knees the whole time because there is no way we could perform all of our responsibilities this way!

(Although fervent knee prayer is an essential element to communion with God.)

I pray when I’m alone in the car in the mornings on the way to pick up Sawyer.

It’s quiet, there’s nothing going on, just me and God communing.

But there are many other opportunities for prayer.

While I’m folding laundry, cleaning house, even fixing dinner.

I could keep a prayer list in my kitchen window.  On my car dash.  Even the bathroom mirror.


Praying without ceasing is acknowledging God’s presence continually. 


Psalms 139:7, “Where shall I go from your Spirit?  Or where shall I flee from your presence?” 


God is with us, even if we forget.

To pray without ceasing is to remember.

And to remember is to bring hope.

And to have hope, is to have joy.



How to find God's will through your life - one thing I did to discover His will.


Give thanks in everything

>breath of life





>beautiful fall leaves


>the kindness of a stranger

>the color yellow

There is nothing too small for which we can not give thanks, even in the dimmest of circumstances.


God never lets everything be terrible at once, have you noticed? 


I have friends who regularly practice this.  Friends in very low places now.

And yet, they choose to thank.  And do you know what a regular practice of thankfulness produces?



In her book, One thousand Gifts,  Ann Voskamp took up a challenge to list one thousand things of thanks.

It transformed her, realizing she didn’t have to wait until life was just so to be thankful.

She was thankful in

>>the hard places.

>>the slow places

>>the heavy places

>>the every day


I took up the challenge too.

Mourning from losing two kids at once right out of the nest, I began to make thankfulness a habit.


“Thank you, God, for grass that needs cut.  Thank you that my husband has to leave me for work, because that means he still has a job.  Thank you that my kids grew to mature adults and left home, and are thriving and succeeding on their own.  Thank you for toys strewn all over my house, because now I have Sawyer (number one grandson).  Thank you that I have the strength to get up at 6:00AM to go pick him up for the day.  Thank you, God, for those leaves out there on my deck, the ones that I have to sweep every day in the fall.  Because it means there was life – a transformation of beauty in the dying of those leaves – and that mattered to You.”


I slowly returned to joy.

It took a while – the habit to thank and be joyful.

But it did come.  And when it came, I caught a glimpse of God’s will.

A light shone on the pathway, a step at a time. And God showed me what He wanted me to do.


What was God’s will?

Phase one

No longer homeschooling, all my kids gone except one.

I didn’t know my purpose in life.

I needed something that mattered.

And in His time, God placed me in a place to care for my grandson.

He showed me what was right in front of me.  The kids were gone, I had learned joy, my mourning had lessened, and it was time to pick up and move on.


Phase two:

begin writing again.

I had stopped, because my heart was heavy.

Then one day, a friend missed my blog.

I thought,

“I don’t know if I can even write anymore.” 

Every time I pondered it during my low period, I just felt empty – like there was nothing to write.  Nothing to encourage or bring a smile.


But I decided to try.

And I found that I still had words.  And the more I wrote, the more words I had.

Pretty soon, the blog posts began rolling out again.

And then:  more joy.  More peace.  Like I was supposed to be doing this. 


Because I am.

God has shown me this already;  this was God’s will for my life.

It was right there in front of me, but I had forgotten.


Find God’s will for your life

And so, my friend, I challenge you to do the same.

>>Claim joy.

>>Claim prayer.

>>Claim thanks.

And then claim joy again.  Look at what is right in front of you.  Seek wise counsel.


God will show you His will, in His time.

Just keep rejoicing, praying, and thanking, keep doing the will of God, as outlined in His Word – His guidelines.

Because that is what’s most important to Him.

Then, He will show you the rest.


And sometimes, it’s right in front of you.


“That you may be filled with the knowledge of HIS WILL in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and long suffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who as qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light.  He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption  through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.”  Colossians 1:9-14


How to find God's will through your life - one thing I did to discover His will.




Postscript:  Since making the decision to commit to blogging regularly, God directed me to a godly Christian blogger mentor, who started a Christian Blogger’s Bootcamp, which lead to a whole new passel of friends with the same goals!  I learned, applied, and built my own, brand spankin’ new blog site.  (Which you are now viewing.)

Iron sharpens iron.  When God calls you to do something, He does not leave you without support.  He carefully places godly people in your path to help you along.  This is how God works, for He said in I Corinthians 12:27 that we are all members of one body, working toward the goal of glorifying Him and reaching others for Him.

God is working in your life too, friend.  But just remember, meeting our goals is not the aim of God’s will.


It’s capturing joy in the journey.


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PS  Are you desperately seeking God’s will for your life?  I’d love to know your experience in the comments below!



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Comments 8

  1. What a great post. Thank you so much. You write so beautifully, clearly and honestly and I really needed that wisdom today. So glad you started writing again!! and those words there good. I’m still finding my feet and my balance with the mothering and then the blogging and writing – learning to do things at my own pace but have been feeling really overwhelmed by it all – this has been a really helpful post a God sent reminder – rejoice, pray, thank. I think I’ve done the praying and just a little smudge of the other two. Thanks for your encouragement today.

    1. Post

      Tracey, it’s something I’ve had to remind myself of often, especially in the past couple weeks of upheaval in the Gray household, plus a myriad of blogging woes (technical). So many times we feel we absolutely MUST reach a deadline, but often times God has other plans in mind for us. If we learn to rest in Him and rejoice, He changes that focus. I’ve had to relearn this lesson just this week.
      Thanks so much for your kind words, I pray God uses them to learn how to best balance your schedule and attend to your people!

  2. I had bookmarked your posts that were popping up in my feed or my email to come sit with when I had a slower morning. That morning was today.

    I’m enjoying my coffee while hearing my baby get ready for school. It’s her birthday today and the third day of her senior year.

    I’m resonating with so much of what you describe and being thankful for you … that you’re hear (or rather there) ~ but here on my screen in front of me reminding me of how much there is to be thankful for. Starting with you. Amen to God bringing people into your life at the times you need them!

    1. Post

      Happy Birthday, Makenna! Hope you have a wonderful celebration. Thanks for taking time for lil ole me. That means a lot. God brought you to me exactly when I needed you too. Truly, so thankful for you and your impact in my life, through your friendship, counsel, tech support, and that wonderful blog with those wise, wise words. I’m thinking I’m the one coming out on top in this relationship! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your new site, Ruthie! Looks awesome! I just spent time today reviewing and re-thinking work I’d done on module 1 of CBB 3 weeks ago, before I left Turkey. I hope you’re getting your site issues resolved. I see that you’ve tweaked your vision, good for you!

    And this encourages me because I left my man child off at college last week. Now I just have to encouraged Chef Girl that her life isn’t over now that she lost her best friend during her relocation back to America! 🙂

    1. Post

      Betsy! It’s so good to hear from you, and thank you for stopping by for a visit! I loved module 1 even though it gave me a brain cramp. Really helped me nail down what I wanted to do. Still working on the issues, it’s so weird all the problems I’ve had. God is trying to teach me patience, I think!
      Ah, the college transition. And the sibling withdrawal. I would love to sit and talk with you at length about not only those subjects, but your life and ministry in general. I’m so glad you’re in CBB! If you’re ever close to WV give me a holler! 🙂

  4. Hi…I’m asking for a prayer of peace which will surpass all understanding, please. I’m a single parent of three and my son, who is the oldest didn’t tell me Happy Mother’s Day. The sad thing is that we talked on the phone twice on Mother’s Day and he still failed to say it. It really broke my heart but through the tears I, myself, asked God to take away the pain. I’m a strong believer in that when two or three people pray, God is in the midst of them. Please pray for my son as well…

    1. Post

      Dee, I’m so sorry for your hurt. It’s disappointing and disheartening when they forget, knowing all we’ve sacrificed for them through the years. Here is my favorite version of Philippians 4:6-7 in the form of a prayer, “Father, please help me not to be anxious for anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving I’ll let You know my requests. And then I know the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will be a garrison for my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Amen.

      Praying peace for you through Christ Jesus our Lord today, and also for your son and your relationship with him. Thank you for taking the time to let me know your need!

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