How to make a “Thankful Jar”

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I love Easter, don’t you?  Celebrating anew the fact that Christ is alive!  A truth so precious to the believer, because we know we will live forever with Christ someday.  For without the resurrection, we would be “Sad, You See'”  (Sadducees – they didn’t believe in the resurrection.)

     Our house was full because my chicks had come home to roost for Easter break! There was laughter, craziness, and music.  Always music when my two middles come home from college.  Piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, mandolin, and singing.  Accompanied by lots of dancing, courtesy of Mr. Sawyer.

     I couldn’t get a pic of him dancing due to blurriness, but here he is listening to his Aunt Hay-hay and Aunt Ky-ky sing.


                                                And then he decided to sing too.

                             It is just the cutest when he does that.  He’s so earnest.


I told the kids I wanted to make my “Thankful Jar” for answered prayers so we can all contribute throughout the year.  “I just don’t know where to find one, though.”  I lamented.  “Go to Hobby Lobby.”  Nolan (the son) piped up.  “You could surely find something there, they have everything.”  Now why didn’t I think of that?  And why did the male in the group think of it?  It was so unlike him that I found it comical.  And so, Nolan, Hayley, Kylie and I made the trek to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect jar.



We also found the perfect ensemble to go along with it.  Then, we sat down and wrote some answers to prayer, and stuck them in there.  “Is anybody going to read these?”  Nolan asked.  “Like, you’re just writing them down and putting them in the jar and they just sit there and no one knows what they say?” 

I explained my goal to read a few each night during advent season next Christmas.  I don’t think he wanted to wait to see what everyone wrote though, so I suspect there’ll be a bit of sneaking going on.




We were sad that Nolan had to return to Tennessee before Easter Sunday, and that Jim was gone the whole weekend on business.  Life is a little different now with older kids, but I soak in as much as possible while they’re here.


Hayley and I posed for one last pic before she returned to Ohio on Monday afternoon, and then we were down to two. Kylie and I were sad, so we decided to have some hammock therapy to cheer ourselves up.


     And you know what? 

     It was worth it. 

     Every time they leave, my heart feels like it’s being squeezed tight like a wrung out washcloth and I have to take deep breaths and get thankful.  But this hammock thing – that is going to be my new go-to. 

     The best part about it is where I struggle getting out of the hammock, can’t reach the ground due to my stubby legs, get a Charlie horse in process, Kylie has to literally lift me out, and we just about collapse in a fit of laughter. 

     Be thankful for what you have. 

     Be thankful for who you have. 

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