Find your Instagram Target Audience with this Avatar Strategy

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Do you have an Instagram target audience?  It’s part of your Insta-strategy – the pinnacle that makes the difference in whether you grow or tank.  You see, we can’t be everything to everyone.  That’s like imitating Walmart.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have Walmart  staffing for my Insta-crowd.  So stay with me and let’s break down your avatar strategy!

How I found my Instagram Target Audience

We bloggers learn this early on – so why would Instagram be any different?  Our Instagram target audience must be our focus, or we deplete resources by throwing spaghetti at the wall. #askmehowIknow

When I started blogging, I chose moms as my avatar.  But it couldn’t just be ALL moms (kinda like the Walmart deal), so I decided to hone in on the young, overwhelmed Christian mom with lots of kids. I started a mom time out Facebook group and wrote a book called, Count to Nine; 9 Liberating Steps for Mom Frustration and Anger.  My platform grew, because all moms need support for that nasty temper.  (Myself included – especially in the early years.)

Subsequently, this is how I rolled on Instagram for the past five years – crafting a brand that would encourage Christian moms to dig into Scripture and apply it to motherhood.  Until recently…

You might be a mom trying to grow her business at night while managing a hectic life by day, or you might be trying to nurture a business from scratch...

First, I found my purpose

For example, in the past year, I developed a love for Instagram and realized how to make the platform work for me.  I do fun stories on the daily, and enjoy live video and IGTV.  Before I knew it, cohorts were asking me for Insta-advice. This prompted me to scrutinize what I was doing that made me different.


1.)  Made it fun using my personal sense of humor

2.)  Used stories daily

3.)  Posted photos of real mom life

4.)  Shared my real self

5.)  Broke up my feed with different aspects of mom life (and not just quotes – see this post for how to post Insta-Quotes)

This all made me rethink my Insta-strategy and wonder if I could help other blogging moms succeed on Instagram.  And so, I secured specialized Insta-training and reached out to a few friends, who agreed to be my guinea pigs.  Within the first month, I 10x’d engagement on one account, spiked growth on another, and increased “likes” into the hundreds for a client’s first post using strategic hashtags (something she’d never done before).

The proof was in the pudding!  I was GOOD at Instagram!  And – clients began lining up at my door.  My Instagram Coaching/Account Management/Hashtag Specialization Biz was a success.

Who is your Instagram Target Audience? Build a solid Instagram Avatar Strategy and watch your account grow! Learn how to meet the needs of your audience!

The strategy behind an Instagram Target Audience

Consequently, since my Insta-focus changed, I tweaked my Instagram target audience.  My new audience (which didn’t drastically change, and I didn’t lose followers – in fact, I gained) – is now:

1.)  Moms

2.) Who blog or own a small business

3.)  And are believers

4.)  Also are puzzled, yet intrigued by Instagram

5.)  Are ready to learn, grow, and change

One simple exercise to find your Instagram Target Audience

To sum this up, take out a sheet of paper right now and write key words for:

1.)  Who you serve

2.)  What you love

3.)  What you do

In his book, Start with Your People, Brian Dixon gives razor sharp insight for discovering your avatar.  “My answer is surprisingly blunt.  “You already know your purpose.  Just look around at the people in your life.  See where they’re stuck?  Help them get unstuck.  Start with your people.  People are your purpose.'”

By the way, I’m halfway through this book and it’s FANTASTIC for figuring out your Instagram Target Audience! Click here to order the book:

Start with your people

Here are a few things you’ll learn from this book:

  • The #1 key to unlocking your powerful network (without being cheesy or fake)
  • A 10-step method to create your own personal mission statement
  • Why your family actually helps you succeed at work, and how to see your kids as a legacy instead of a liability
  • The counter-intuitive method to increase your income (without quitting your job)
  • Little-known secrets to convert your under-performing team to a powerful dream team
  • The fastest, safest way to deal with the difficult people in your life
  • Plus, you get 11 powerful mindset hacks including Brian’s life-changing morning practice

The book is only $18 on Amazon or audible and when you get it you can claim your bonuses.

Here are the bonuses he’s offering:

  • Free access to his 30-day coaching program
  • Free training on how to start a mastermind
  • Free training on creating a “Life Calculator” 
  • Early Access to all the book resources
  • PLUS Exclusive discounts after you order! 

Click here to grab a copy of Start With Your People


Still Struggling to find your Instagram Target Audience?

In short, if the answer to that question is yes, it’s time to get started!  “You might be a mom trying to grow her business at night while managing a hectic life by day, or you might be trying to nurture a business from scratch…The solution is simple. Start with your people. Don’t start with your passion, your why, your talents, or your experience. Start with the people you will impact.  People lead to purpose. Purpose leads to profit. Profit leads to practice.”  ~Brian Dixon, Start With Your People 

Likewise, I started with my Insta-people.  Leave a comment and let me know ,”Who is your Instagram Target Audience?“!

Find your Instagram Target Audience with this Avatar Strategy

You might be a mom trying to grow her business at night while managing a hectic life by day, or you might be trying to nurture a business from scratch…

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