Introducing a valuable new series, "How to Rear" in 2016. Learn how to rear your children to be responsible, confident, and much more!

Introducing a helpful new, “How to Rear” series! {Link up}

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Introducing a valuable new series, "How to Rear" in 2016. Learn how to rear your children to be responsible, confident, and much more!For the next several weeks, I will be doing a new series called, How to Rear!

I’m so excited to share with you some of the valuable lessons I’ve learned in my 26 years of rearing four children.

(Who are now young adults, but we won’t mention that or I might cry, seeing they have returned to school from a luxurious month-long Christmas break).

The New “How to Rear” Series Includes:

How to Rear your children to be responsible

How to Rear your children to bond with siblings

How to Rear your children to be musical

How to Rear your children to be well-rounded

How to Rear your children to develop a sense of humor

How to Rear your children to sleep in their own beds

How to Rear your children to be friendly

How to Rear your children to speak up

And more!  If you would like for me to cover a topic that you don’t see listed, please respond in the comments below (or if you’re my email friend, hit “reply”), or let me know by emailing me here and I’ll see what I can do!

Introducing a valuable new series, "How to Rear" in 2016. Learn how to rear your children to be responsible, confident, and much more!Mom, I don’t pretend to have all the answers.  But I have been rearing for a while, and I’ve seen the gamut of personalities.  I know that all children are different and what works for one doesn’t work for another.  But all moms need guidance, and there are some principles that are timeless, such as implementing consistency and picking your battles.

I would love to have you join me here next week, when we discuss our first topic in the series:

How to Rear your children to confide in you.

Join me next week, email friend, reader, mom, or blogger buddy.  This is going to be fun!

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  1. Maybe these will be included in your topics mentioned already, but I’d love to also hear about how to rear children to be generous (in time, talent, and treasure), respectful to everyone, and conscious but welcoming to those who look or act differently (race, disabilities, etc). I’m looking forward to your series! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

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  2. Hi, Ruthie. I took you up on your offer and linked up today! (Through many patience-inducing deep breaths while watching “the circle”). Have a great day, dear friend.

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  3. Looking forward to your series, Ruthie. You have a great list of topics! I might include: how to rear your children to have their own personal faith, or something like that.

    You mean you still cry when your kids go back home/back to school after Christmas holidays? I thought it was just ’cause I’m a newbie college mom. In one breath, I said, “Well, this won’t be near as hard as saying goodbye in August was, I mean, I’m used to it now, and all.” And in the next breath, my eyes teared up…

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      Thanks, friend – great idea!

      And YES. I guess I need to do a post about that too. Sadly, it does not get easier. And it hits you when you least expect it. Hang in there, we are in this boat together! I’m guessing your girl is not much farther behind you in her feelings, either. Mine had a hard time too when everyone left this time. These transitions are hard, but that’s why we’re working toward capturing that joy!

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