Kids fighting again? How to field squabbles like Jesus did

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Hey mom – ever tire of kids fighting over toys and territories as if they were an actual part of Custer’s last stand? Of course you do, that’s why you searched Google for “How to deal with siblings fighting again”.  I’m glad you’re here – I want to share a little backstory with you from my past life.


When your kids are fighting it's hard to think positively. Now moms can field squabbles like Jesus did by using timeless parenting truths from Scripture.

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Kids fighting and mama’s crying

The kids were all up in my grill as I scrambled to cook dinner and grade papers simultaneously.  “She took my batman toy!”  “I did not – he gave it to me!” “Mommy, they won’t let me play with them!” “Tell her to stop!”

Of course, my gut response was to freak out and let everybody have it.

{Don’t say you haven’t been there too.}

Often we think there’s nothing practical in Scripture that could possibly relate to stressful motherhood.

I know when I was a young mama, I wondered this very thing.

Why do people say the Bible has all the answers when I can’t even find time to read it?

Why do people say “No matter the question, Jesus is the answer” when my kids are punching each other’s lights out?

How am I supposed to find a balanced checkbook, the cure for my child’s rash, and how to hang onto my temper in Scripture?

Does Scripture really cover kids fighting?

You may be asking the same.  Moms have so little time and so many duties, our perspective tends to get skewed.  I believe one person termed it, “Not seeing the forest for the trees”.

C’mon.  Really?  The Bible can tell me how to win the clothing war with my teenager?  Please.

You know, I get you.  Because you were myself at one point and time.  Mom of 4, cat herder, taxi driving fool.  Cheerleader, coach, piano teacher, wardrobe assembler and chief Finder of All Things.   I wore all the hats (some not very well).

A few years have passed since the days of frequent squabbles, and God has matured me enough to see that “they” were right.

The answers were allllll there.  Including how to bust up fights.

Because did you know Jesus had a posse of whiny babies following him around?

He encountered this same scenario – a “He said, she said” situation.  Christ set a pattern of one way to react when “kids” (ahem – immature adults) accuse each other.

I hope you’ll follow me over to my parenting column today at Arabah where you can read When siblings keep fighting to learn how Jesus handled feuding.   I think you’ll receive great insight into how to react – I know I did!

Go here to read the post, When siblings keep fighting.


When your kids are fighting it's hard to think positively. Now moms can field squabbles like Jesus did by using timeless parenting truths from Scripture.


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