When you don't want to admit your flaws, yet you struggle daily to overcome, what can you do about it?

When your life theme is “Oops, I did it again”

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When you don't want to admit your flaws, yet you struggle daily to overcome, what can you do about it?


Cringing at the “Oops’ of Life”


“Oops, I did it again.”  In the life of a mom, that’s not just a catchy tune that’s a mantra.  Have you ever been afraid to admit a mistake?  When you realized you made an error, did you rush to correct and cover?

This morning, dragging myself out of bed to the aroma of pre-programmed coffee, I discovered an unsettling scene.  The coffee maker had leaked liquid gold all over my counter in the form of a 3-foot long puddle.

Did I snap a pic for Instagram?  Of course not.  I immediately berated myself for messing up (again) and grabbed towels to wipe away the damage.

But, I don’t like to admit when I mess up.

I grew up a young perfectionist.

A musician.  An only child.  A pastor’s kid.

Anyone of those three things can apply pressure to a perfectionist – on top of being a perfectionist.

Everything had to be “just-so” for me to be ok with the world.


Learning from the “Oops’ of Life”


God has a way of sending us just what we need in life, eh?

He gave me a husband that loves people, sees other’s needs, and changes plans on a dime. 

That’ll do it.  Especially that last part (gasp).  Plan?

What plan?

He gave me four kids.  I only asked for three (I had that all planned out too), but God said,


“You know what, you need to learn a little bit more flexibility”.


And so I did.

And now, I’m a middle-aged perfectionist.

I still make mistakes every day.  Mistakes in parenting, mistakes in wife-ing, mistakes in piano playing.

I am a flawed individual, and I have to admit, I struggle with not only mistakes but let’s just call it what it is-sin-on a daily basis.

I hate admitting my errors.  But God has a sense of humor, and He wants me to have one too.


Sharing from the “Oops’ of Life”


What did I do about that giant coffee puddle in the middle of my counter?  I wrote a blog post about it.

Talk about owning up to your mistakes!

We all make mistakes.  The post I wrote is called, How admitting mistakes can make you a better mom.  

I hope you’ll join me over at The Deliberate Mom where I’m guest posting today with a bit of wisdom on how to come to grips with those errors, make better choices, and learn to live in God’s rich grace!


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      Thank you, sweet friend! You are truly an inspiration to me and you have a ministry to many that others don’t have the opportunity to reach. Keep up the great work! <3

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