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Why I have a love/hate relationship with appliances

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Why I have a love/hate relationship with appliances and how they go on the fritz the moment your hubby leaves town (including the repaired microwave).

I have a love/hate relationship with appliances these days. 

We’re talking almost every single one in my house.  


Microwave Blues

It all started with the microwave about five months ago, when it took on a life and personality all its own. 

This handy appliance kicks on when you don’t need it to (and you’re sitting quietly in your adjacent tv room blogging about something more important than randomly erratic microwaves).


It kicks off when you don’t need it to (like when you’re in the middle of making popcorn for your suspenseful and oh-so-dramatic movie, just at the climax).

The microwave technician replaced the board and waxed eloquent on the micro dot thingies and whatchamacallits while I politely nodded and waited for him to leave so I could get on with my Pinterest job hobby.

That evening, during blogging time, the microwave kicked on.



Oven Blues

Did I mention my stove was on the fritz?  Somehow he managed to fix it that day.  It’s right underneath the microwave.

Maybe I only get one working appliance per room, because the ice maker on my refrigerator is driving me whacky, freezing the ice into one giant lump so I have to pull it out and bang on it every day in order to get

(drumroll please)

one cube of ice.  


Dishwasher Blues

Three weeks ago the dishwasher started to leak. 

All over the (wood) kitchen floor.

Hubs (who is great at making things work on borrowed time) adjusted the seal and left towels below said dishwasher so we could continue to use it until we waited for the repairman to return.

The repairman came while hubs and I were out of town on a camping trip last week and our daughter held down the fort.  She was in the middle of baking when he showed up, unannounced.  Which meant she had to put her baking on hold and unload all the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher in order for him to fix it. 

He replaced the seal, declared it restored, and went on his way. 

Why I have a love/hate relationship with appliances and how they go on the fritz the moment your hubby leaves town (including the repaired microwave).

Did I mention that back in February all the wheels on my dishwasher started falling off?

Yeah, that was a joy.  Parts everywhere.  Every day, I’d pull out the bottom rack and the wheels flew off, resulting in me dragging it the rest of the way out.  I had to locate the wheels and the wheel backs (all over the floor and inside the dishwasher), in order to reposition them and push the rack back inside.  Every time I pulled it back out, this happened all over again.

Jim called the manufacturer.

They sent a bag of wheels.

“Service” these days, eh?

Back to the dishwasher.

Two hours after the repairman left, I got a text from my daughter saying she’d turned it on, went upstairs to shower, and returned to the kitchen, which was full of water.  On my wood floor.

Upon returning home from our little getaway, Jim attempted to reinstall the old seal on the dishwasher, to no avail.  He tried a little of this and a bit of that – nothing.  We can’t use it at all.

The company can’t won’t send anyone until July 17.

Today is June 30.


We had a mound of laundry from our camping trip, so we popped it in the washer and dryer.  


Dryer Blues

Upon which, the dryer did not dry. 

After several repeated attempts, Jim declared it dead, at which point we decided to go and purchase a new one because the dryer has been repaired numerous times and seen better years.  It’s just time.

Did I mention the drum inside my washing machine bangs incessantly? Also said machine also produces bleach spots and another unnamed residue all over our clothes?

We bought a washer/dryer set.

Today is the delivery day. 

My husband is in Texas on business.  (It always works like that.)

I get to deal with it.

“The delivery will be between 1:30-3:30”, they said.

It is now 6:00 and I’ve yet to see the delivery truck.

Meanwhile, my laundry grows mold and bacteria.

Did I mention our air conditioning went out last month?

I’ll save it.

Why I have a love/hate relationship with appliances and how they go on the fritz the moment your hubby leaves town (including the repaired microwave).


Did I mention my love/hate relationship with appliances…?

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

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  1. I am stressed for you!!! How awful and we all know that our appliances are everything when you are keeper of the home! Ours are going on 17 years so waiting for "our time" too when they all chat together and say, "this is the day!" Have a good day applicances and all!

  2. What an ordeal you are having! Bless your heart! I just wanted to mention something to you. I never knew until recently how dangerous it is to work with malfunctioning microwaves. You probably already know this, but two of the children my sister works with in the school system had loved ones who were killed while doing this. I don't know all of the details, and I surely don't mean to speak such gloom and doom, but I just felt I should mention it. I do remember one of the instances involving plugging or unplugging it. Ever since I heard this, we are very careful to just get rid of any microwaves that seem to be not be working right. Anyhow, I do hope your issues are resolved soon, and everything is operational again!

  3. Cheryl, thank you for your advice on this – I have heard that before about microwaves and it does concern me. I think when hubs gets home I'm going to suggest we pitch it and start anew! Btw they did deliver last night – at 7:00 PM!

  4. Yeah I'm trying to keep perspective about it and just be thankful for plastic ware and the modern conveniences I do have that work! Lol. You have a great day too!

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