Mad Mom Makeover

Join us for the Mad Mom Makeover!


Featuring special guest posts by moms challenging to rise above anger and frustration by the power of Scripture, wisdom from years tenured in “momdom”, and tested methods.


Join us for the Mad Mom Makeover! For moms who need encouragement to control frustration from moms who've been there!




Click on the link to join MTO (Mom Time Out), a closed facebook group for when you blow it!

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This special series is a ministry of MTO (Mom Time Out), a closed Facebook membership group for moms in the trenches, tired of reacting to daily conflicts in family dynamics with anger or frustration.

At MTO you will find a place to share your story and interact with others who are (or have been) there too.

You will find support, encouragement, Scripture Pillars, Power-Packed Pillar Prayers, Goals, and a plan of action for attacking those overwhelmed feelings of frustration.

Come join us today.  We’re waiting for you!





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Mad Mom Makeover special guest posts:

Week One:   How to avoid anger triggers and stop yelling at your kids! by Valerie Murphy from Cord of 6

Week Two:  How to effectively resolve deep-seated anger by Melanie Redd from

Week Three:  Are you quick to anger? Trust God More! by Dawn Klinge from Above the Waves

Week Four:  Don’t let anger make you sad by Pat Fenner from

Week Five:  5 Ways to deal with anger and get back in the game by Marva Smith from sunSPARKLEshine

Week Six:  5 Things to do when you’re about to blow your gasket! by Arabah Joy from

Week Seven:  Forgiveness is the answer to anger and mommy guilt by Deb Wolf from Counting My Blessings

Week Eight:  An angry heart revelealed and healed  by Wendy Munsell from Blessed Unravelling