Make the bed as soon as you get up, shower – optional

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My mom always told me, “Make your bed first thing when you get up, that way you don’t have to come back to it later”.  Every time I actually do that, I think of her saying that.  I wish she’d have taught me to go directly to the shower after that and get myself presentable, because these homeschool days are killing my fashionista.  Some days it’s actually 2:00 before I get that shower, today was one such day.

I don’t always cook breakfast, but it seems to rouse the natives more quickly, so I have the past two mornings.  Then it was Bible class, Science, History and British Literature, and much, MUCH more.  Hubby returned from his DC trip and the earthquakes, life took on and even busier dynamic, and then it was time for lunch.  Which I fixed.  I don’t always do that either, but I was in the mood and Hayley said, “Let’s make egg salad, mom!” Come to think of it, after that she wandered off…

Speaking of the little airhead (love you, sweetie), I opened the glasses cabinet beside the microwave only to find the new jar of opened applesauce stored there.  I knew the culprit immediately.  Besides the fact that Hayley would miss the refridgerator by a few doors while she absentmindedly put it away, she had another reason to be spacey yesterday.  The girls and I are working towards running a 5K together in October, and they have been running the treadmill in the basement.  Yesterday I told them to run as long as they could at a slow speed (thinking anywhere from 1-3 miles, walking some in between).  When I went to check on Hayley, she was all pumped because she’d discovered time went much more quickly when one strapped on an ipod.  Four and a half MILES later, she trudged back upstairs.  Hayley has never run 4 1/2 miles in her life!!!  Later, she had lunch – which included a new (unopened) jar of applesauce.  By the time she was done, she was a space cadet for the rest of the day.  Hence, the applesauce in the cabinet two doors down from the ‘fridge.

After lunch clean up, it was off to an appointment with Jim (I did finally shower), the Walmart zoo, and my Bible study tonight.  And then I realized I forgot the prune juice.  My mom had asked me to get some, soooo back to the store I went on the way to the Bible study.  I delivered it afterwards.  Mom was sitting in her chair in the dining room eating popcorn and watching the Waltons, while dad was sitting in his chair in the living room eating popcorn and watching the Waltons.  Not sure why they don’t just sit in the same room, eat the same popcorn and watch the same show on the same tv, but – almost 50 years of marriage – maybe they’ve discovered the secret.

Tomorrow, I’m cooking breakfast, running, and then I’m getting a shower.  After I make my bed, that is!

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  1. Not sure why they don’t just sit in the same room, eat the same popcorn and watch the same show on the same tv, but – almost 50 years of marriage – maybe they’ve discovered the secret. HYSTERICAL.

    1. Girl, you dug deep for this one! Did you see how old is is? 2011! And from my original site – Live, Laugh, Love! I still need to rework all those and put images with them – ACK!! Since then, we added a 1200 square foot apt onto our home for them so now they have to watch the same tv LOL! But dad made sure we built a little room for him to have his study so he could have his “man cave”. I Guess for those two, space really is the answer!

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